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Back on Track

Hi folks, well as crazy as things have been, I feel like I’m getting back on track again. The clean-up from the storm has been completed and we had fun doing it. Here’s some of the evidence and Charis playing with the dogs in the snow.

I’ve also managed to get back to my writing. I can’t give you a lot from what’s coming up right now, but here’s something you can find. This excerpt is from Return From Exile. This is how the main evil doer describes the heroine:

Far away in Scotland, a tall sallow man sat very still in his chair as his younger brother delivered Morag’s message.   “Go slowly man, carefully now, repeat her message word for word if you have the wit for it.”
Bristling, Annie’s father repeated Morag’s message.  “She has the dossier and the woman?  She will call your house in three days?”
“At seven p.m.
“You’re absolutely certain of the name she gave you?”
“I am not mistaken, Clarence, she said her name was Morag MacDonald.”  He was startled to see his all-powerful older brother blanch again at the sound of that name.
“She’s alive,” breathed Clarence Balfour.  “Dear lord preserve us all, the Shaolin Angel is alive, and she has the damned dossier.  I might as well put a gun to my head and pull the trigger.  I could rob her of the pleasure of killing me at least.”
“Why do you fear this woman so?” asked Martin.
“You have no idea at all whom or what this is, do you, you imbecile?  Morag MacDonald is the Angel of Death. She is the flaming sword of god, and the devil’s dagger from the darkness.  She’s as elusive as a thought, as hard to catch as your breath in a vacuum, as impossible to stop as a juggernaut, as lethal as a bullet to the heart, and completely impervious to attack.  There are sheep and there are wolves, but Morag MacDonald is the ravening bear that feeds on them both equally.  She is as hard to see as a flash of light, and as elusive as a shadow. They say she was especially trained from birth as an assassin by the Shaolin monks themselves.  Christ, I’m already dead.”

Okay, now on to the ROW80 check-in.
1.      Write 10,000 words per week. (I’m just over 4000 since Sunday’s check-in.)
2.      Read 10,000 words per week. (Reading Burning Lamp by Amanda Quick. I have to be well past the target already.)
3.      Edit ten pages of a completed MS. (I have five pages of a romance edited so far)
4.      Feature a new author every Friday (I was off line last Friday, but I’m right on track this week with a feature on Sheryl Hoyt)
5.      Read and comment on 10 blogs per week. (I’m at about four right now. I’ll get there, don’t worry.)
Folks, if you are an author and want to be featured on this blog, just drop me a line here:  prudymac@gmail.com
All right, that’s it for me today. How are you all doing? Are you enjoying the excerpts? Want more? Talk to me people. J