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The Rules of Writing and You

Hi Folks,
It’s time now to discuss some of the rules of writing. I have no idea what they are. Sigh Well, okay, I do know, but I’ve caught a lot of flack for using them. I’m talking about English now. I have been told I write too formally. What? Say what???

It’s English, people. We used to learn it in school. So, apparently, now you are supposed to ignore the rules of proper English and write in Jargon.

Please, aspiring writers, don’t do it. Save the jargon for inclusion in dialogue, otherwise, use proper English. It may seem a bit formal or stiff to some, but at least they will be able to understand it. 

Oh, and for the love of Mercy, use the Oxford comma. If you don’t there will inevitably be places where your intent is lost, confused, or downright hysterical. Use the Oxford comma. It bears repeating.

So, that’s all I have to say about that topic for now. Next time I will tell you about some of the rules you can break…well, perhaps just bend a little.

Now, on another note, the Dark Traveler has been revised and given a new cover. Check it out here:

ROW Check-in:

We’re starting the last round of ROW80 for the year. I can say I am quite thrilled with this year’s progress. Last round all I wanted to do was finish a first draft. I did that, plus thirty thousand words on the next novel. Way beyond expectations.

So, this time I will shoot to finish the new story. How about that? This coming week I will aim for a total of three thousand words on the new story.

So, how about you? Was the last round successful for you? I truly hope so.

May your days be filled with sunshine and smiling faces.