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Using Brain Power for Success

The human brain is like any other muscle in the body.  Use it and it will grow stronger.  Here’s a trick I learned long ago to get the brain flexing and helping to improve the quality of life.  Practicing this will work pure magic for anyone. Stick with it for a few weeks and marvel at the results.

The human brain is a computer extraordinaire; no matter what question you ask yourself, it will give you an answer. Perhaps not the one you wanted, but you will get an answer. Don’t like the answers you’re getting? Ask a different question. Keep it up until you get something you can work with.

Do you find yourself in a situation you don’t like? If you ask things like, ‘Why me, God?’ you will probably get an answer like, ‘Why not you? You are easy and fun to torment.’ Instead, ask something like this: “How can I get out of this situation?” Better yet is: “How can I get out of this situation with a whole skin?”

Ok, now we’re on track. A still better question might be: “How can I get out of this situation with a whole skin, and enjoy the process?” Better yet is: “How can I turn this situation from a losing proposition to a winning one, and enjoy the process?” Even better is: “How can I make this a winning situation for everybody concerned, and still enjoy the process?”

Get the idea? Remember, your brain will find an answer. Just keep repeating the question, or changing it, until the right answer comes. Sometimes it may take a while, but it gets easier with practice. I personally begin each day in the same way. I gaze at my sleeping partner and ask myself how I got so lucky. I then ask myself, “What can I do today to make her life a better experience for her, and have fun in the process?  I always get an answer.”

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