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Launch Day

Hi folks, here we are again. It has been a wild and bust week, but I’ve managed to get lots accomplished. Not as much writing as I would have liked, but I did get some. However, the big excitement this past week is the launch of Empire’s Advance. Today is the official launch day and here’s the links to find the book. Get ’em while they’re hot. 🙂

Tracy and August had won the day on Earth, but the Vorlox Empire was far from finished. Their attack came from an unexpected direction. The Corelians were destroyed and now Tracy finds herself caught between the remnants of the Corelian species and the mighty Vorlox Empire.
Tracy has always concentrated on her own survival above all else. Now she finds herself having to include others in that plan. To top it off she begins to manifest new abilities, abilitles that are as dangerous to her companions as they are to her enemies. 

A few of you have already managed to buy a copy and I thank you for your diligence and patronage. I love you all and truly hope you enjoy the story. J  

As soon as we get the Christmas season under our belts I will be working even harder to bring you new and exciting stories in the new year.

What else did I do this week? Sign up for our newsletter and find out. Tee hee.  Here’s the link.

We publish one every four to six weeks and it contains material you won’t find anywhere else. For example: my adventures putting up the Christmas lights. There is also a coupon for a free book in each one. Back issues can be had, just drop me an e-mail and we’ll send one along.

Sadly, this week was another shortfall, but not a total loss. I did manage six thousand words on my WIP. That is well short of the ten thousand I was shooting for, but every step is a step forward towards the goal. The WIP now stands at 30,000K.
So, for next week I’m taking another run at the 10K mark.
Now, drop me a line and let me know what’s up in your world, I do love to hear from you.


The Garden Inspector

 Hi folks. This has been a bit of a busy week here on the island.  Yes indeed, we were busy beavers. Tee hee  It rained a lot so we got lots of work done on the newsletter and managed to get June’s issue out before July got here. That was a bonus.

My long neglected house has received a thorough cleaning and I actually got some writing done.

On the other hand, I awoke yesterday to find the government garden inspector outside. He was doing his usual spring clandestine inspection of the crops grown locally. The carrots and lettuce have poked up through the ground now so we’ve been expecting him. I’m quite sure he’ll be back soon for a taste test.

This guy might think all his special spy training will work, but I have sharp eyes and I know when I’m being watched. I even got a picture of the beast this time.  Look close and see if you can spot him.

Now for the ROW80 confession.

Forgive me, fellow writers, for I have sinned. Even though I seemed to have more time to write, I got bogged down on one scene. The official count for this week is a mere 4K. I have managed to read and comment on a blog a day though, sometimes more. I will try harder next week.
Speaking of the monthly newsletter (yes I was) each issue contains an excerpt from an upcoming novel. There is also other content only seen by the folks who get the letter so, sign up now.  The link is at the top right of the page.

Now dear friends, what have you all been up to? I do love to hear from you so please don’t be shy. (Okay, so I need new material for my stories. Come on, people, share your deepest secrets, I won’t tell, honest.)