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Done! (For a day or two)

Hi folks,

Well, it’s done for the moment. All the raised bed scheduled for this year have been built, seeded, and fenced in. Now I get to do other stuff for a few days while I wait for it to grow. That should be just enough time to get the rest of the yard work caught up. tee hee hee

So, that’s what it looks like at the moment. Oh, and the rhubarb is up to my waist now and we have allowed one stalk to go to seed. Here it is.

I know there’s a large gap between the beds and the fence, but the plan is to plant berry bushes and fruit trees along that fence next year. I’d love to do it right now, but it’s just not in the current budget.

Hmmm, perhaps I will try getting a bit of writing done in my copious spare time next week. Stay tuned.


Organic Fertilizer

Hi folks,

It’s been a busy few days here on the farm. A sudden frost bit through the row covers and into the greenhouse, killing most of the tomato plants inside and all the cucumbers outside. 

On the bright side, the squash and onions loved it. As well, the tomato roots survived and are sending up new foliage. I’ve got two of the beds planted and three more just about ready for planting. A friend brought us two pick up loads of organic fertilizer, aka horse manure, well rotted. 

There have been three batches of rhubarb jam put down and the rhubarb bed still has tons of the good stuff  growing. Life is good.

Now for a ROW80 check-in.

Once again I managed 1500 words.It’s funny how a few sentences her and there add up. So, I’ll shoot for another 1500 this week.

Oh, while I’m at it, here the opening paragraph of the current WIP. It’s a sequel to the Immortal Tigress.

Cursing softly, and wishing for a fur coat as she trudged through the snow in human form, the vampire shivered. Ah to hell with it, she stripped off her clothes and buried them in the snow before changing into the sabre toothed tiger; the cat could track the maddened killer more easily, and she had a fur coat.”

Well that’s it for me today. Until next time, may your days be blessed.