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Return of the Witch

What, another book published today? Are you crazy? How are you doing that? I can hear you now, but I’m not cheating. I will explain. I’ve been writing novels for years, but was unable to sell them traditionally. Since I have started self-publishing them, it looks like I write a book a month. I could, and I have done so, but that’s not what’s happening here. Over the past year or so I have self-published most of my back list of completed manuscripts, plus written and published four new novels. There, my secret is out.
Now, on to today’s book. Last November I wrote and published a novel in three weeks for the NaNoWriMo challenge. I put it up for free to give folks an idea of my writing style, but I always intended to revise it and make it into a series. Last month I pulled Novan Witch down and began revisions. The revisions are now complete and I am well pleased with the book, so I have published the revised edition. Here it is, I hope you enjoy it.
So, that’s it friends, that’s how I get so much done. Now I am almost caught up on back list, so I will be down to four or five new book per year I guess. Sigh. There goes my reputation for super powers.
So, how about you folks, any secrets you’d like to share?  Aw come on, you can trust me, I can keep a secret.
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