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Better Late than Never

Hi folks, 

Well, it has been a crazy week here, but it’s all good stuff. We’ve been working night and day (literally) to get this book done. We’ve been promising it for weeks, but the wait is now over. Frankie has arrived. It’s now available on Smashwords and should be up on Amazon later tonight. I’ll post that link on this page when I get it.

This is my first foray into a collaboration and I am thrilled with the results. I sincerely hope you enjoy Frankie’s story as much as I have.

I confess I haven’t got a lot else done this week, but I’m not complaining. I will now leave you to it and go do my happy dance.


Beyond Nova

Hi folks, it has been a busy couple of weeks, but here I am with the second new book in a row. Last week I introduced my newest romance novel; today I introduce the third in the Nova Series, a sci-fi adventure. I’m really loving these characters and I hope you are too. Here’s Beyond Nova and where to find it.

All governments keep secrets, dread secrets. Secrets they do not want the general populace to know. Out at the very tip of the galaxy lies a secret, a secret well kept and then abandoned. Out beyond Nova lies Exile; where failures are buried deep.

Well, that’s it for me today folks. I’ll get back to my regular Row80 check-ins on Wednesday. Stop by and let me know how you’re doing. I do love to hear from you.

Finally Here

Hi folks, it has been a bit of a long ride, but the book is finally here. Novel #33 has just been published. The revised and edited version of Assassin of Nova is finally available on both Amazon and Smashwords. Hopefully, within a few weeks it will also be on B&N, Apple, Sony, Kobo, etc. So, complete with links and my happy dance, is Assassin of Nova.


I will readily confess this one has commanded most of my attention over the past few weeks. If you are so inclined, please click the Amazon link, then hit the likebutton. Some tags would be nice too.

Okay, on to ROW80
1.      Write 10,000 words per week. ( I’m only at 3K so far.)
2.      Read 10,000 words per week. (Done )
3.      Edit ten pages of a completed MS. (Haven’t started this one yet. Oops)
4.      Feature a new author every Friday (I haven’t lined up anybody yet. Wow, authors sure are shy folk.)
5.      Read and comment on 10 blogs per week. (Six so far. Shouldn’t be a problem.)
So that’s my big news for this week. I hope you have enjoyed the excerpts I’ve posted and I hope you’re intrigued enough to read the whole story.