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Neglected Blog

Hi folks,

Well, here I am again at last. I’ll confess I have neglected this poor blog lately. However, in my attempts to maintain the tight writing / publishing schedule we have set out this year, that’s going to happen. I’ll do my best to post more frequently, but if I seem to disappear just know I have my fingers doing the walking over the keyboard to bring you more new stories to read. Speaking of which, there’s a few great ones coming up real soon. However, for you romance fans, we’ve finally got the upgrade for Arctic Gale finished. Here’s what she looks like now and where to find the lady.

Arctic Gale front



Now, here’s what to look for in the next few weeks. First up will be the fifth book in the Nova Series. Red Nova. Folks, you don’t want to miss this one. We’ll follow that with an updated version of The Second with a slightly different ending, and we’ll follow that with the next (#4) in the Children of the Goddess series.  That should reach the shelves by late May. I’m hoping to follow that with the fifth book in that series, The Watcher and the Warrior by the end of June or early July. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a great year for readers.



Now in Paperback

Hey folks,

We’ve just re-released one of our romances. This is one of my older works. It has had an overhaul, a new edit, and a brand new cover. Take a look!

MacKendricks front


If you’ve already read The MacKendricks, this is essentially the same story, a sweet romance. The big news is, it’s now available in paperback here:


Keep an eye out for a brand new story later this month.



Return of the Phoenix

Hi Folks,

It’s been a crazy few weeks and my lack of posts will attest to it. However, there’s good news, and more good, and then great news on the horizon. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just give it to you in pieces. Here’s the first piece.

Phoenix is back!
We’ve had Phoenix down for months getting her a fresh edit and a new cover. Now she’s back and gathering a lot of attention.

Here’s a few more links for you to check out. They lead to Facebook pages dedicated to certain of my books. (like Phoenix)
ROW80 check-in

On the writing front, I managed to meet last week’s goal of 2500 words and will set the same target for this coming week.

Okay, that’s it for me this week. I truly hope you’re less busy, more successful, and twice as happy as I am. See you later.



Hi Folks,

I’m all excited today and with good reason. I do have some farm news, lots of it, but for today I want to tell you about a re-release of Immortal Tigress. This has been in the works for months. This is one of my favorite books and now is available in paperback as well as e-book. Here’s the new cover and links.

For millions of years a rogue meteor hurtles through space towards Earth, glowing from the vast fields of radiation through which it has passed. A primitive human female gazes in wonder as the burning invader hurtles toward the ground, unaware of the great beast stalking her. All three meet in an instant. 

Flash forward to the present, yes, she is still here, she has always been here, in the shadows, ready to strike from the darkness with gleaming fangs.

This one is me putting forth a completely different take on vampires, their origins, strengths, weaknesses, and struggles to survive and remain unseen by humanity.
Want a different look at an old legend, check this one out. I am currently working on the sequel. It’s about the Vampires meeting the werewolves. Here’s a small taste:

Cursing softly, and wishing for a fur coat as she trudged through the snow in human form, the vampire shivered. Ah to hell with it, she stripped off her clothes and buried them in the snow before changing into the saber-toothed tiger; the cat could track the maddened killer more easily, and she had a fur coat.
Okay, that’s all you get for today. Tee Hee 

I’ll bring you up to speed on the farm news in a day or two. For now, have a stellar day overflowing with blessings and laughter.


Busy Days

Hi Folks,

I’ve got some great news today, so I’m going to reverse the usual order in which I share these things. First we go to the ROW80 check-in.

This week I did manage to reach my goal of 1500 words plus a bit more. I’ll hold to that target for the coming week. Also, this week saw the re-lease of Lady Blue. She’s had a new edit, new cover, and a new publisher. So, for your reading pleasure, in the Y/A genre, is Lady Blue!

Lady Blue is the story of a bullied teenager who is suddenly granted great powers. What will she do with her new found strength? What will she become, devil or angel?

Okay, now for the news from the farm. Yesterday began at 5:00 a.m. We emptied out the greenhouse, transplanting everything into the raised beds or pots. We also moved the compost to it’s new home and tidied up the flower beds out front. The final watering finished near sundown, about 8:00 p.m.

That was a long day in the hot sun. Too much sun, not enough water, headache, sunburn, and tired. Today is going to be a lot slower and shady.

So, that was the excitement for this week. I hope you are all having a wonderful fun filled day today.


Back in the Saddle

Hi folks,

This past week has been great. We finally got our new cover for Dark Star and it is worth the wait. The book is now available at Amazon as well as Smashwords. 

Somewhere between the Darkness and the Light there is Dark Star….

“This is Y/A supernatural at it’s finest.”
Added to the goodies, Coming Home is past the edits and is just waiting for a cover. We hope to launch in mid October. I’ll give you a peek between the pages next week, so don’t forget to come back. 

And just for good measure, in November, in honor of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, we will put out a new novel with a trans protagonist. I will give you a peek there as well in upcoming posts.


I’m not actually certain if the ROW80 round has finished or not, but I’ll give a quick report anyway. This wee saw me doing more revising than writing new material. Barely two thousand words of new written this week. (I know, I’m becoming a slacker. tee hee) Hoping for more next week.

Well, that’s about it for me this week, folks. Don’t forget to check out Dark Star. Let me know what you think of the cover.

Bright Blessings


Hi Folks,

Another week has passed and I am feeling like I might survive. This damned chest cold is still lingering at the edges of my existence and being somewhat annoying. However, this is not a snivel session; it is a good news session.

A late winter storm battered our poor island for a few days, but we had already stocked up the larder and laid in plenty of firewood. We were warm and well fed in our snug little cottage. Now the weather is starting to show signs of Spring at last, warm sunny days, melting snows, mud for dogs to run through; all that Springlike stuff.
Now, check this out.

On the writing front, we re-released Phoenix as Phoenix Augmented. The original was in need of a good edit and a better cover, so we gave it one. Here’s the new look and location. Be aware, it is the same story, just prettier and better written. Phoenix has long been one of my favorite war of the worlds stories. It was fun to revisit such an old friend.
It’s said that the best laid plans f mice and men often go astray, and so it was. This old paper warrior allowed herself to get sucked into World of Warcraft and the results are in. Target not reached. I set a target of ten thousand words, but only managed five. Sigh.  Snow shoveling is not an acceptable excuse. Two minutes in the penalty box and a self-inflicted tongue lashing should restore discipline. Excuse me for a moment……(clock slowly ticks off two minutes)

Okay, I’m back and ready to roll. Target output for this week is ten thousand words on the WIP.

On a bright note, we did finish the revisions of Phoenix and get it re-released. So, now, please tell me you got closer to your targets than I did.

Well, that’s it for me for this week.
Bright Blessings