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Price Drop!

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to let you know we’ve dropped a couple of bucks off the price of a Prudence MacLeod novel.  The idea here is to make the back list more accessible for those of you wanting to collect full a series.   Here’s a good place to start:


This book sets the stage for and is the beginning of the Children of the Wild series.  So, if you like vampires, werewolves and more, get started now.  There are five books in the series with book six on the way.  Race the Wind (book 6) should be out early next week, so you avid readers like me have a chance to catch up.

Once again, my entire back list has been dramatically reduced in price.  Okay, now here’s the peek into Race the Wind.

The sun was just setting as the hawk spiraled down and morphed into the woman right beside Merle as he walked from the barn to the house.  “Jesus woman,” he exclaimed.

“Hey, Merle.”

“Girl, you look like hell.”

“Really?  I’m standing here, buck naked, and you say I look like shit?  I’m hurt, Merle.”

“What?  No, tired, I mean tired.  You look exhausted.”

“Nice recovery, Slick.”

She was grinning, and he blushed to his roots.  “You’re as bad as the rest of them.  Git in that house and get some clothes on.  Git.”


Okay, that it for now.  Go shopping, read a book, and I’ll see you next time.




More Sweet Romance

Hi folks,

Wow, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the sweet romances.  As I said before, I wrote most of these for friends many years ago.  I’ve given them a new edit and cover then re-issued them for your enjoyment.

So, as per several requests, here’s a few more with multiple outlets to choose from.  Enjoy!




There you go folks, a few more sweet romances for your summer reading.  I’ll have more for you next time and later this month I hope to have a new book for you.



New Cover

Hey y’all,

It’s Ronni again.  Sadly, we’re still not quite ready to put up our story, but we’re almost there.  I’ll give you another peek inside today then I’ll show you the new cover.  Igor and I made it ourselves, with a little help from Lady K of the Purple Raven Boutique.  Oh heck, I’m so pleased with this I’ll show it to you first.

This is the  cover to look for when the book comes out.

Isn’t that cool?

Okay, now here’s another peek inside the book.

Gudrun leaned over and spoke softly to Terry. “This man could become a problem.”

“He’s Compton’s right hand man. Probably got orders to observe, record, and watch for a good excuse to make me disappear forever. Keep an eye on him, sweetheart.”

“With extreme pleasure, lover. Can I intimidate him a bit?”

“Go for it, enjoy yourself.”

Gudrun smiled wickedly.

Clara and Rhonda came out of the van in hazmat suits and headed for the door. Gudrun followed, but stopped beside Egan. They watched in silence as the two women slid open the lab door and entered, closing the the door behind them. As the door closed, the man swallowed hard and spoke. “I know who you are.”

“Oh?” she replied, arching an eyebrow at him. “And who is that?”

“You’re Gudrun Arielsdottir, born in Iceland, trained in several countries of Europe. You inherited an elite team of mercenaries from your mother who then disappeared, you’re unbelievably successful at infiltration and assassination. You work out of Germany for the most part, but you’ve been in America for the past two or three years, or maybe more, but nobody knows how you come and go, or why.”

“I’ll tell you why,” she replied. Her voice was so cold he shivered, and stepped back. “I come to spend time with my husband, Terry Sawchuk, and I’ll be extremely unhappy should anything ever happen to him. Do you understand me?”

He gulped and stepped back further. “Yes, I understand.”


Okay, that all you get for now.  I don’t want to give away the whole story.  So, with any luck the next time I can tell you where to find the whole book.  Until then…

Bye y’all


The Ghost Piper

Hi folks,

I know, it’s been a while since I posted. Truth is, life got in the way and I didn’t have a lot to report. However, today, let me tell you a ghost story. High on a hill above the village where I grew up sat an old house. It looked over the whole village and the harbour beyond, the driveway was lined with maple trees. The house was occupied by an old man who passed away when I was a teenager. (Long long ago in a galaxy far far away) Every summer his grandson, a piper, would come to visit and greet the dawn with the pipes. I truly cherish the memory of that sound.

When I first began writing seriously, I wrote a romance story featuring the house and surrounding landscape. I also added the ghost with a bagpipe. The resulting book was called (of course) Ghost Piper. I self published it years ago. Recently we took it down, gave it a tune up, a fresh edit, and an awesome new cover. Here’s where to find it.


If you enjoy a gentle romance, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. Go ahead, it’s a perfect weekend read.

Okay, now, for what’s new and coming up. We have a new book in the Children of the Wild series coming soon. I’m hoping to see it out by the middle of May. It’s got vampires, werewolves, werehawks, secret agents, and a bunch more of the strange and unusual. Next post I’ll give you a peek inside the pages.

So for now



Cover Reveal

Hi folks,

Well, as promised, here’s another peek between the covers of The Road Home, second book of The Elvish Chronicles. The book is nearly ready, so along with the peek inside, here’s a look at the cover too.


The queen leaned on the pommel of her saddle and smiled. “Rise, Tanis. So tell me, where’s your horse?”

“Alas, my queen, she has left me here to carry another.”

“That seems to happen to you a great deal. Perhaps you need a less fickle horse.

“So, who does she carry this time, an elder or an infirm?”

“A young mother with babe in arms, Lady,” grinned Tanis.

Ariel smiled and nodded.

Here’s the Cover!

Okay folks, that’s the cover to look for. I’ll let you know as soon as she goes live. So, tell all your friends to be on the lookout for it. 🙂



New Cover

Hi folks,

Well, as I promised, here’s a look at the new cover. Look for the book to appear at your favorite book seller this coming week. Here’s what to look for.

As I said before, the book should appear this coming week. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it becomes available. I can’t wait to see your reaction to this one.




Hi folks,

Well, I’ve told you a bit about the Children of the Wild series. Now I’ll tell you more, that series is soon to have its own logo, cool, right? The manuscript has made it’s final pass through the hands of the editor and now is with the publisher. I’ve got my fingers crossed for an early February release. Right now we’re waiting for the cover to be finished. It’ll need to be tidied up, but here’s a peek at the raw material.

I confess I can’t wait to see the finished product.

What? You want another peek between the covers? Well, okay, I guess. Here goes:

Marlene had not gone far when she heard a shot in the distance. She picked up the pace. Sound carried well in the mountains and it took a while to locate the source of the gunfire. She found a man with a rifle cowering behind an old truck. He was trembling and obviously had soiled himself.

What happened here?” she asked.

B-b-b-bear, big fucking bear. Big as a house bear… Nice tits. What happened to your shirt, girl? Come here and tell me about it.”

With a sigh Marlene realized she was naked to the waist as she had discarded the shirt and bra ruined by the shotgun blast. “I went skinny dipping in the river to escape the heat. Damn kids stole my clothes. I chased them and got it all back except my shirt. I don’t suppose you have a spare with you?”

Okay, that’s it. Next time I hope to have the completed cover to show you, or better yet, a URL where you can get the book. For now, just a reminder that this will be book three in the Children of the Wild Series. You can get book #1, Immortal Tigress, here:


Book #2, Children of the Wolf is here:


And on that note, see you next time.



Wow, This Is Cool!

Hey folks, just wanted to tell you about the news. We’ve been working on improving the covers for the St. John’s Series and our cover artist did a bang up job of upping the visibility factor. You can find more of her work here: http://www.notabrownpapersack.com/


Now for our new covers.  First is Calan, book one of the series. Check this out!



Next is Angela, book two in the series.



And Clan MacLeod, book three in the St. John’s Series.



These new covers are so much more eye catching than what we had before. Now, if you think that’s all, think again. In the next few days we’ll be launching Book six of the Children of the Goddess series. Fallen Angel: the Dark Priestess. This is the best one yet so get ready!

Well that’s it for today.

May you all be blessed this day.


Attention writers: Vital Tip

Hi folks,

Today’s post is for all writers, especially for those just starting out. There are hundreds of courses, free how to books, websites and blogs out there with writing advice. Most of them are pretty good, but they all gloss over the most important thing of all for book sales. The cover.

Yes, I know what they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe, but we all do it. All of us. Folks, if that cover doesn’t grab the readers attention in the first glance, they’ll pass you by, no matter how good your book is. I know this from experience, I have over fifty books in publication, some indie and some with a publisher. Books we thought would fly fell flat and some we didn’t expect much of sold well. By changing the cover we have actually turned a book that was being ignored into my best seller that spawned a series, my most successful series as yet.

My cover artist is Not a Brown Paper Sack. http://www.notabrownpapersack.com/  Here’s a few examples of her work:

Lady Blue by Prudence MacLeod    Lady Shadow Front  MacKendricks front  Lady Seeker Front  Old Family Mansion by Prudence MacLeod  Return from Exile front

Folks, I know how tight the budget for promoting your book can be and I know covers can cost, but this woman is quite reasonable and easy to work with. If it’s a choice of cover or promotions, go for the cover, you’ll be glad you did. So, click that link and check out her work. Contact the lady and talk to her about your project. Note, she also does promotional videos too.

I’ve been at this for a long time, folks. Trust me when I say, a good cover is worth a thousand ads. Over the long haul a cover will keep a book selling long after the initial push is over. Good luck and sell a million!