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Immortal Rhubarb

Hi folks, today I want to talk rhubarb and a ROW80 check-in. No, they are not the same thing, stop laughing. Let’s start with rhubarb. This is an interesting plant that reproduces from seeds, but also from root cuttings. Who cares? She does.

There she sits, in my back yard where she has been for a very long time, perhaps generations. She was probably brought here by the Irish immigrants hundreds of years ago. Who can say how far back in time her history goes? One thing I can be sure of, this beautiful gal predates Monsanto and GMOs by a long shot.

So there she sits, enjoying a rainy day and proudly displaying her seeds for all to see, just as she has done for millennia.  Just how tall is my sassy lassy? Here’s a pic from last year so you can see.

I truly hope my legacy will last as long as hers has. J

Okay, for today’s check in I will admit to writing 5K words in the past week of busy madness. I have also managed to read and comment on a few blogs as well, but not nearly half as many as I would liked to have.

So there it is, 5K, lots of mad rushed trips to town, lots of waiting for boats, one trip to the dentist, and a great idea for a future book. No, I’ll tell you about that later. J
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Until next week, may your days be filled with sunshine and smiling faces.