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Iā€™m calling this post breathe, because I need to remind myself to take the time to do just that. Seriously. This past two weeks have been busy and then some. This is week started out brilliant as I launched my new Vampire book, the Immortal Tigress. This is a different take on the beginnings of the legend. I published the novel on Smashwords then set about promoting and publicizing it. It was much later in the day I learned that Smashwords was down.
That was a bit of a shock, and they stayed down for nearly two days. How the heck was I supposed to deal with that? I had spread the word, but no one could find the book. It was time for some damage control, but what can you do really? 
After I got back from the city Wednesday I knew it was time for action. Thursday I went to the Smashwords page and opted out of their distribution to Amazon, seeing as how it never materialized anyway.
I set up my author page on Amazon and slowly, one at a time, uploaded all my books to Amazon myself. The deed is done now and all my work is available on Amazon now. Cool. I even bit the bullet and listed my new book for their lending library. So, there is where the week went. It was madness, but it is done now. All my work can be found on Amazon here:
You can also find the Immortal Tigress here:
I will keep you posted on how this all works out. Just go to the right of the page and hit the follow button to keep tabs on my misadventures. Thanks!