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Another Rainy Day

Hi folks,

Well, we’ve got another rainy day here, great for the garden. Not so bad for the writing either. 

So, while everything outside is busy growing, here’s another peek into the current WIP. A sequel to the Immortal Tigress. The revival of a vampire slain by fire.

Ella carefully arranged the charred corpse on the floor then knelt beside the bones. “Ceremony is not necessary, nor is the rearranging of the bones, but it will ease her return. Harald, have you ever done this?”
Not in all my long years, Mother.”
Assist me. Just follow my lead.”
He nodded and knelt across the body from her. Kylie gasped as Ella gashed her own wrist and let the blood drip on the charred lips of the corpse. “By the blood of the mother. Live again.”
Harald nodded then gashed his own wrist, holding it out so the dripping blood would reach her lips. “By the blood of the brother. Live again.”
The body stirred slightly and moaned softly. Ella grabbed the arm of her captive, slashing it open with a fang. The blood flowed freely onto Gudrun’s hungry lips. “By the blood of the killer. Live again. Rise up my daughter.”
Before their very eyes the corpse began to heal its burns and to clothe itself in new flesh. The captive was quivering in terror now, but could not move. The compulsion was too strong. Slowly the charred form struggled to its feet with Ella’s help. “Mother, I hunger.”

This one took your life, my child.” Ella thrust the hapless man into Gudrun’s grasp. “He will now return it to you. Drink. Drink long and deep. Heal.”

Aaaaand, that’s all you get for today. Have a great week and I’ll see you again on Sunday.