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Sunny Days

Hi Folks,

Well from a farm perspective the summer left a lot to be desired. However, it wasn’t a total loss. We are now starting to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

I learned a lot by trial and error this year. What works in warmer climes with better soil doesn’t necessarily work here. However, I’m getting good at composting. If you don’t have good soil to start with, make some. Right? Setting up a second compost bin today and getting it going.

This is my favorite time of year. Harvesting, cool days that demand a sweater, etc. Everybody out enjoying and preparing for the cold days to come. Like these folks.

ROW80 Check-in

Last week was a whirlwind of unexpected events. Most of the writing I did was while I was waiting. Waiting for a boat to the city, waiting for appointments, waiting for others to finish meetings, waiting for a boat ride home. The work I did was on the ancient laptop technology. (aka pen and paper)

Surprisingly, I managed over six thousand words. Life is good. I’ve even got it transferred to the computer now.

So, target for this coming week is another 2500 words. Should be easy as this story is begging to be told. I wake up each morning with the next scene already clear in my mind.

I wish they all were like this. I truly hope they are for you folks. Whatever you attempt this week, may it joyful and successful for you.


First Taste

Hi Folks,

Well, August is about done. Thankfully, it has been a lot warmer and drier that July so the garden has actually managed to grow. Yesterday we took out first taste of the rewards for our efforts. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the taste.

So, after re-assessing all that I’ve learned so far, this coming week I will strip out one of the beds and plant a fall crop. Hoping I’ll have better luck with this one, weather permitting.


The target for this round was to finish that WIP. Did it and began another. I’m already well in to it. As I said last Wednesday the target for this week is 2500 words. Already accomplished so I will have a bit of time free to focus on the garden.

Live is good here in the north. Here’s hoping it is good and successful for all of you too.


Progress on the Farm and at the Keyboard

Hi Folks,

Well, here’s all the news that’s new from the farm this past week. In spite of a cold wet week I did manage to harvest two of the five huge clumps of chives. They’re hanging in the greenhouse drying. 

I also harvested the rhubarb seed podIt too is in the garden house drying. While I was at it I pulled enough rhubarb to make another double batch of jam. Looking good for the coming winter already.

Just getting under way are the tomato plants which are now in blossom. Everything is looking good for now. I’m already planning how to double the raised beds next year. 

ROW80 Check-in:

I know I set a target of 2500 words for each week this round, but we had a rainy week so I had more time at the keyboard. Clocking in at 7500+ words for the week. 
However, that means a lot of other things didn’t get done, so if this coming week is sunny I will be struggling to find keyboard time. Still shooting for the 2500 for this week.

Here’s wishing you all a productive week filled with unexpected blessings.


Windy Old Weather

Hi Folks,

The wind has been blowing long and strong for over a week now. It makes everything you do outdoors more challenging. In spite of that we have made further progress on the farm. More seeds have been started and another long bed has been prepared.

Also, the mighty rhubarb is ready for the first harvest. Amazing. Most Newfoundlanders won’t be planting their gardens for a couple of weeks yet because of frost danger. However, we’re ready to claim the first harvest of the year. Today we make jam! Yay!!!

Last year it grew this big:

Now for a ROW80 check-in.

I managed the 1500 words this week so I’ll shoot for another this coming week. My publisher did ask me to write a sequel to Immortal Tigress, so it has begun. 

The working title is Shapeshifter and I’ll post a few teasers on this blog from time to time. Stay tuned.