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A Slippery Slope

Hi folks,

Let me tell you of my adventures last week. First we had snow, that turned to rain for a while, then it turned bitter cold to freeze everything solid, and then it snowed again. Got the idea? One hell of a lot of sheer ice with a layer of power snow on top. Yep, and it was just such a thing that cause me to fall and break my ribs last year. I’m just now feeling back to my old self.


So, back to a few days ago and the perfect set up for a repeat performance. Sunny morning, three hopeful furry faces looking at me imploringly. Yep, I gave in, put the dogs aboard the old car and headed for the woods road. Should be all right, right? Right. I parked and let them out. They raced away up the road. I pulled out my new toy, a pair of walking poles. I’d heard good things about using walking poles, and since I got a pair for Christmas, I was game for a go at it.


Two steps onto that road and I knew there was trouble. Carefully brushing aside the snow I discovered the entire road was solid ice beneath the snowy powder. I tried to call the dogs in, but they were having none of that. So, with trembling heart, I poked around with a pole. It slid away like a skate. Further poking and I hit something, frozen dirt. I took a step. Using the poles to find the footing I managed to make my way up the half mile plus slope and back down again. Yes, I slipped, many times, but using the poles kept me on my feet. They let me catch my balance where, without the extra support, I would surely have fallen. I have to say, these things are remarkable. Loving my new walking poles.


Now for the ROW80 check-in


The target for this round is 60K words on the new WIP. The count currently stands at 27K. It’s been a productive week.  Also this week I have written the synopsis for my next release, made the editorial fixes, and set up a teaser. We also changed the title from Shapeshifter to Children of the Wolf.

Yup, busy week.

Here’s hoping each and every one of you managed to out-do me this week.



Old Dogs and a ROW80 Check-in

Hi folks, 

This past week Charis managed something I have failed to do in the past ten years; get the dogs to pose for a portrait. So, I want to share this with all of you. These are the guys I’m always talking about. They’re old now, but old dogs have a special energy that I love. Older dogs are a true gift. So, in order of age, here they are.

This is Piper, a terrier cross, small of stature, but not in attitude. He’s the eldest at thirteen.

This handsome lad is Jokko, a Beagle/ Dachshund cross at twelve. J.O is a true inspiration, no matter how hard life knocks him down, he gets right back up again.

This is Bran at eleven. He’s a mixed breed of some sort and the sweetest natured dog I have ever known, but he can get into mischief. He adores small children and sings Klingon Opera if one goes by and he doesn’t get to meet them.

Last is Odie, at eleven. Odie, a black lab, was abused, shot in the face with buckshot and left for dead as a young dog. As you can see by the mischief in that one good eye, there’s lots of life left in this big guy. We call him Mr. Happy because his tail is always wagging.

So there you have it, my fur babies. They’ve been a handful over the years, but they’ve truly enriched our lives. Worth every moment.

Now for the ROW80 Check-in.

I’m patting myself on the back today because, in spite of a day lost in town, plus painting the kitchen, I did manage to hit my target. Ten thousand words on the third book in the Haunted Quest Series. Five books are planned and I am well on the way. Yay me.

Okay, that’s enough gloating. Book two hasn’t been seen by the editor yet, my celebration may be a bit premature. cringe.

So, next week’s target is the usual ten thousand words. Wish me luck. 

Well, that’s it for me this week folks, drop by and say hello; I do love to hear from you.

Bright Blessings