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Hi Folks,
It’s been a crazy, busy, week, but it was also a successful week. As I often say, “Ya gotta love it when it works.” And work it has. Last Sunday we put up Frankie and Frankie is being good to us. Here’s a line from our first review.
This book is more of a thriller than a romance.”
So, heeeerrrrrreeeeees Frankie.
Now, while Frankie was basking in the warmth of cyberspace and the virtual bookshelf, here’s what Mother Nature had in store for us. Snow, sleet, hail, and freezing rain as well as ice in the harbour. In spite of it all we did manage one trip to the city for groceries. However, I confess as much of the week as possible was spent inside by the fire.

Now for a ROW80 Check In

Speaking of hiding out inside, I did get lots of writing done. My current WIP now stands at 50,000 words and counting. Here’s a quick peek from the rough draft.

It took him only a few moments to find the second door and push his way through. What he saw as he entered took his breath away for a moment. She was standing at the base of the stairs, a feather duster in her hand and the fading rays of sunlight dancing on her hair like a halo. The girl was all delicious curves and had large liquid brown eyes with the longest lashes he had ever seen. Jace took a moment to appreciate the vision before him. And then she spoke in a demanding voice.
“Who are you? What are you doing here?”
“I’m Jace Harper and I own the place,” he said with a grin. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”
“I’m Mara O’Grady,” she replied, blushing softly. “I guess I’m trespassing.”
Okay, the goal for this coming week is to hit 60,000 words. Wish me luck. J
Oh, with a bit of luck we should have another newsletter out this week too. You can sign up for the newsletter at the top right of the page; just click on my smiling face.

Now how about you folks, what have you been up to? What exciting things are happening for you? Come on, talk to me, you know you want to. J

Until next week,


Work and Play

Hi folks, here we are again at the end of one week and the beginning of another. This week had its share of distractions, but it was a great success none the less.  It can’t be all work, however.
So what to do when the weather is giving you this?

Well, you could do this,

Or this,

Now here’s a girl who gets into her work.
Okay, work stuff. Here’s another excerpt from Novan Witch. On Wednesday I’ll give you a sneak peek into Assassin of Nova.

The Temple Guards had dragged him off to the prison cells in the lower levels of the complex. Micha wondered why a temple would even need a prison. He had been stripped of his weapons and tossed unceremoniously into a cell. As the door slammed shut behind him, he shouted, “This is a poor way to treat the personal guard of a high priestess!” His captors laughed as they walked away. Good, they were gone. Micha stood and began a slow and detailed inspection of his cell.
“You’re wasting your time,” said a deep voice from the next cell. “I’ve been here for over two years and can’t find a way out. The damned place is enchanted.”
“I’m sure it is. You don’t mind if I try, do you? I don’t seem to have an entertainment screen in my cell.”
“Suit yourself,” chuckled the deep voice. “Who are you, my young friend?”
“I am Micha, friend of Lessa, personal guard of the High Priestess, Nara Clan.”
“Of course you are, boy. I must have been here longer than I thought for I don’t recognize your name. I am Nara Clan. Who is your father?”
“He is dead,” replied Micha as he continued his inspection, “but, I was combat trained by Murtah.”
“Ha, you lie, boy, Murtah is dead. I know for he is my brother.”
“Oh he’s far from dead. I left his farm less than a month ago. Listen, we are both Nara Clan, so we must help each other. We’ll leave this place together. Eventually we will return to Murtah’s farm.”
“Are you telling the truth, boy? Is my brother really alive?”
“He is. Can you see through the cracks enough to recognize my tattoos?”
“I can. Who are you, Micha? You look to be about sixteen, yet you have a combat master’s mark.”
“I told you, I am personal guard of Arlessa, High Priestess of the Temple. It was she who gave me both marks.”
“Damned if I don’t believe you! But it matters not, we cannot escape. It is enough to know that Murtah has survived. You said Arlessa had returned. If that is true, why are you here in prison?”
“It wasn’t a warm reception. Tell me, when do they feed us?”
“Hungry already?” chuckled the deep voice.
“How many come to bring the meals?”
“Only two, one slave and one guard.”
“Let me know in advance so I can be hiding behind the door when they arrive.”
“That sounds like a good idea. How do you plan to get out of that cell?”
“I’m already out of the cell, now I’m looking for something I can use for a weapon.”
Now for the ROW80 check-in:
1.      Write 10,000 words per week.
( I did it, I just cracked 10K last night. Yay me! )

2.      Read 10,000 words per week.
( Did this, but I confess it was all other people’s blogs. )

3.      Edit ten pages of a completed MS.
(Yep, got it done.)

4.      Feature a new author every Friday
(Didn’t manage this one, but have high hopes for next week.)

5.      Read and comment on 10 blogs per week. (Done and fun. )
Folks, if you are an author and want to be featured on this blog, just drop me a line here:  prudymac@gmail.com
Well, that’s it for me for today folks. Drop me a comment to let me know how you’re doing, if you would like to be featured on a Friday, or just to chat. Always happy to hear from you.
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I have been asking for feedback about my next book cover, and as many of you know it was a bit of a process. When I ask for feedback, I truly do want it. Heeding the suggestions you gave me, and with your help, we sifted through many different versions of possible covers until, finally, success smiled upon us. Here is the final version of the cover, created by the extremely talented Melinda VanLone. Melinda, I can’t thank you enough.

I also promised three people would receive a free book from my back list or this new release. Here are the winners.
Kassandra Lamb
Dianne Gardener
Linda Adams
Ladies, I thank you for your comments and your feedback. Please check out my books and decide which one you’d like. Drop me a line and I’ll e-mail a coupon to you. Happy reading.

ROW80 check-in and book launch.
I am calling this round of ROW80 a rousing success. We have just published Hunter. Thanks go out to http://powderriverediting.blogspot.ca/for speedy service, Vanessa, our cover model, Jessica Widdup our cover photographer, and Melinda VanLone for her professional cover design and the final product.

If you can, please consider going to the Hunter page on Amazon and hitting the “like” button. http://www.amazon.com/Hunter-Corelian-Guard-Series-ebook/dp/B008ZHNVW4/ref=la_B0079XOY8U_1_32?ie=UTF8&qid=1345385282&sr=1-32 

Also, please consider joining my mailing list. Drop me a line here: prudymac@gmail.com and put List in the subject line. Thanks so much.

Now, that you’ve seen the final product, tell me what you think of the cover. I’d love your feedback on this.

More Options

Hi folks, as you may recall from my last post, we are trying to decide the title of my next book. The manuscript is ready; all we need now it the final title and a cover. Last time I posted an excerpt that leads to Hunter as the title; today I will post another that hints at the second option, Offspring. We’ve already met the hunter, now I will introduce the offspring. Here’s a look at one of the characters. Guess which one she is.
Tracy sighed as she lowered her eyes. Dammit, why did it always have to be this way, this guy was cute and attentive. Why the hell couldn’t she just shut it off and enjoy the date. She couldn’t though. Shut it off. It was always there. Ever since she was a child she’d been able to see it. Fighting herself all the way, Tracy allowed her eyes to shift then linger for a moment on an attractive young man at the next table. Her date’s smile never faded, not at all, but she saw the shift as slight as it was.

All her instincts were screaming now, and Tracy spent the rest of the dinner being as attentive to her date as possible, trying to sooth him without appearing to sooth him.  At length, the dinner ended and he drove her home, obviously hoping for an invitation in.  He wasn’t going to get one. He walked her to the door, then put his arms around her and leaned in for a kiss. Tracy placed her hands firmly on his chest, then kissed his cheek and stepped back.  “Thanks for a lovely evening,” she smiled softly. 

“Uh, yeah, sure.  Can I call you?” She could see him clearly now, the tightly controlled anger and disappointment were dancing in the air all around him.

“Sure,” she replied, as she stepped back through the door and closed it firmly, snapping the locks into place. She watched through the peep hole as he stalked back to his car and drove away, the tires squealing their protest at the sudden acceleration.

“Another winner?” came an old woman’s voice from the darkened living room.

“Did you see him, Gran?” Tracy sighed deeply as she walked slowly into the room and sank into a chair. Her grandmother’s energy surrounded her, soothed her, and Tracy sighed again as she let her tenseness slip away.

“Didn’t have to see him, honey, I could feel him from here. That was close.”

“Where are all the good ones, Gran?”

“Darned if I know,” chuckled the old woman, the skin around her eyes crinkling with mirth, “or I’d be there myself.”

Tracy giggled as she polished her glasses then replaced them on her face. “So, what about that guy in the car?”

“Is he still watching you, Tracy?  Dammit anyway, I like this house, I like this town, and I’m getting too old for all this running. I was really hoping to stay this time.” The old woman’s energy drew back, gathering about her protectively.

Tracy shivered as that warmth withdrew. Ah well, keep your defenses up, that’s what had kept them free for so long. “I know Gran, I know. Can you get a read on this guy? He hasn’t made any moves at all, but I’ve seen him way too often in the past few days. He’s making me a bit crazy.”

“Oh?  Why?”

“He looks good, you know, when I look him over, he shines okay. I know he doesn’t want to hurt me, possess me, or anything else, but I just can’t get a clear read on him. Can you take a look for me?”

“Show me, honey.” With a soft groan of protest, the old woman rose heavily from her chair and made her way toward the window. She peered out the window at the parked car down the block for a long moment.  “Government.”

 * * * * *

As always, feedback is welcome and respectfully requested. I really do want you folks to weigh in on this one.

So, feedback from the first excerpt; first I caught flack from my editor for posting a pre-edit excerpt. Sigh, my bad. (Hangs head and goes to the penalty box. Two minutes in the box, feeling great shame.) I also got a lot of really good feedback, and trust me folks, your suggestions will be incorporated into the final version.

The ROW80 Goals
1.      Finish the first draft of my current project and get it off to my editor.  CM Crawford is a great editor and has very reasonable rates. Heck, she’ll even work for Amazon gift cards. The girl loves to barter. You can find her page here:
Done! Success!
2.      Get the next project over 15K words
Done! Success!
3.      If Ms. Crawford gets the first project back to me in time, finish the second draft during this round. If not then I will finish and hopefully publish it during the last round.
           We’re almost there!
So, one thing you can do to help is to go to my Amazon author page and hit the *like* button on the upper right side. Here’s the link. http://www.amazon.com/Prudence-MacLeod/e/B0079XOY8U
If you have an author page drop your link into a comment and I’ll go *like* it for you. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the feedback. Good luck!