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Lawn/food Rant

Hi Folks,

The great thing about blogging is you get to share your musings with the world. Today I’m musing about an absurdity that has me amazed. Let me explain.

Today is Sunday, and the larder is nearly empty. Why? Well, Thursday was grocery shopping day, but there were ferry-boat issues. Getting off island was nearly impossible. Result? The small local grocery store had been picked clean. Sigh.

Now, we live on an island off the coast of a larger island off the northeast coast of North America. My small island was once renowned for its food production and should be self-sufficient, but we’re a long way from it.

Why? Check this. If I sit quietly, I can hear the roar of my neighbors ride-on lawn mower. Wait, that’s too much noise, the neighbor on the other side is on her ride-on lawn mower too and so is the guy beside her. Of the four houses visible from here, including mine, there is not a single vegetable growing.

People in North America spend thousands each year to groom lawns that they cannot eat and will not allow livestock to graze on. No, instead we pay fortunes to large agri-business to ship food to us that has been so genetically altered that our bodies can barely digest it. You wonder why cancer and heart disease is rampant in our society; just look at the food supply for your answer.

For me the answer is easy. I’ll manage to fill the larder tomorrow. I’ll buy whatever I can from small local producers and live with the rest, but, if I’m at all able, next year will see a big garden where the bulk of our current lawn now sits. We, the people, have to take back the food supply and get it into the hands of small family farms again. This is swiftly becoming a matter of survival.

Final insult to injury, now I have to go mow the gorram lawn before the neighbors have me arrested.

In the ROW80 department things are slowing down as I try to jump from one project to another. There are fixes and re-writes on Exodus From Nova as well as leaping back to Earth for a bit of romance. We’re hoping to get the next romance out in October.

You know, I love sci-fi and romance, maybe I should be writing sci-fi romances. What do you think?
Well, that’s it for me this time. I hope you all are leading blessed lives. Let me know how you’re doing; I do love to hear from you.

Bless, Pru

The Garden Inspector

 Hi folks. This has been a bit of a busy week here on the island.  Yes indeed, we were busy beavers. Tee hee  It rained a lot so we got lots of work done on the newsletter and managed to get June’s issue out before July got here. That was a bonus.

My long neglected house has received a thorough cleaning and I actually got some writing done.

On the other hand, I awoke yesterday to find the government garden inspector outside. He was doing his usual spring clandestine inspection of the crops grown locally. The carrots and lettuce have poked up through the ground now so we’ve been expecting him. I’m quite sure he’ll be back soon for a taste test.

This guy might think all his special spy training will work, but I have sharp eyes and I know when I’m being watched. I even got a picture of the beast this time.  Look close and see if you can spot him.

Now for the ROW80 confession.

Forgive me, fellow writers, for I have sinned. Even though I seemed to have more time to write, I got bogged down on one scene. The official count for this week is a mere 4K. I have managed to read and comment on a blog a day though, sometimes more. I will try harder next week.
Speaking of the monthly newsletter (yes I was) each issue contains an excerpt from an upcoming novel. There is also other content only seen by the folks who get the letter so, sign up now.  The link is at the top right of the page.

Now dear friends, what have you all been up to? I do love to hear from you so please don’t be shy. (Okay, so I need new material for my stories. Come on, people, share your deepest secrets, I won’t tell, honest.)