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Garage Talk

Hi folks,

This is a conversation I’ve had a few times at the garage while waiting for my car to be ready.

Old fart to me: Woman, why the hell are you still driving that junker? You’re in here getting it fixed every other week.

Me to Him: Well, let me see.  It’s paid for long since.  I only spent about a thousand on repairs last year.  It’s cheaper to insure.  When I do get repairs I’m paying my neighbor instead of some CEO in a dealership so my money stays in the community.  I don’t mind the dogs being in it.  Should I keep going?  There’s more.  Let’s see, it has a small engine so last year I spent less on gas than you did last month.  Did I mention I don’t have payments on it?

Him: Oh fer fuck sake. Walks away.

Me. quietly.  Another one bites the dust. 🙂


Okay, I’ll admit it, I had way too much fun with that.


Now for the ROW80 check-in.


Okay, ROW80. My target for this round is 60,000 words.

Last check in….1500


Hope all of you are exceeding your targets this week.