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One trait common to most successful people, is determination.  Whenever I feel like giving up, I think of the following story.

One of our dogs is Jokko, a dachshund/beagle cross.  We call him a German engineered beagle.  As pup he could pull a ninety degree turn at full throttle. A year ago we were returning from a pack walk in the woods.  Jokko leaped across a ditch and landed wrong.  He yelped in pain, and then came to me on three legs.  I tried to pick him up, but he soon squirmed to get down, insisting on three legging it all the way home. 

Thinking it was just a sprain; I took my time and let him walk.  The next day I heard a second yelp. I found him at the bottom of a set of stairs, struggling to climb back up; both back legs were dragging behind.  That was it; off to the vet we go.  One vet wanted to take X-rays, do tests, etc.  Keep him here for a few days, they said.  Nope, the dog is a pack animal; he his hurt and needs his pack.  I looked for a second opinion.

“The dogs legs are finished,” came the second opinion, “it’ll cost about four thousand per leg.  They can’t do the operation here on the island; you’ll have to take him to the mainland.”  Another opinion please.

The next vet grew up in farm country; he knows dogs, and he knows his clients.  After spending considerable time on the floor playing with Jokko, he declared that the little fellow had badly sprained both knees.  They might heal on their own.  He felt it was better to give him a few pain killers, and let him take it easy for a few days to see what would happen.  We couldn’t afford ten thousand, and putting him down was a last resort.  A few days rest was a better idea.

The big problem here was the stairs.  We lived in a townhouse, three levels and stairs to get in and out as well.  We’d have to carry him, all fifty pounds of him.  Ah well, good exercise.  I got a lot of exercise over the next few days, so did K.  If the pack went up, he struggled to go up, if we went down, he tried to follow.  He never yelped again, and he never whimpered.  He just fought his way onto those stairs, so we had to watch carefully.

I have many years of experience in the fitness industry, and I have help a good many people rehabilitate injured knees, so I took the same approach.  First I would walk the rest of the pack then leave them outside with the leashes still on.  Jokko would then be fetched, leash and all, to join the pack for a walk, a whole two car lengths at first, but he got his walk with the pack.  Dogs need that.

After a few weeks he was making it all the way down the block, a few more and he was not only circling the block with us, he was making it up the stairs on his own.  It was a long and painful struggle for him, and we only let him do it once or twice a day, but he could do it.  A few months later and he was back to doing the stairs by himself, albeit, not nearly as fast as he once could.  He was also back to full pack walks through the woods.

The original yelps at the time of injury were the only two he ever made.  Every set of stairs was an obstacle to overcome, and he attacked each one with every thing he had, struggling onward until the human taxi arrived.  At no time did he ever consider giving up, he was alive, he belonged with the pack, and he was determined to be with them wherever they happened to be.

So, whenever I feel like giving up, I look at this happy little dog, and remind myself, I’m still alive, I can do this. Yes folks, that picture of me with a dog in my arms is the human taxi at the top of the stairs, passenger in arms, on Christmas morning.  It’s been almost three years and Jokko’s knees are a bit stiff now, but then, so are mine.  We both love the new cottage, no stairs.

Here’s the boy with the rest of his pack.

Okay, on to the ROW80 check in.

It has been a productive week, all things considered. I am now over 70K words on my WIP and starting to close in on the finish. I have also been spending some time researching and adjusting my marketing strategy. This self publishing thing is always a work in progress, isn’t it?

I have managed to get to a few of your blogs, but I will try harder in the future to get to more. In the mean time, I do wish you all great success.

So, drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing; what or who inspires you. I do love to hear from you.

The July newsletter went out last week. If you didn’t get your copy please check your spam folder. You wouldn’t want to miss this one. 🙂

Focused for Success

Hi folks, I’ve been rattling on about getting re-focused lately and I am here to tell you, I believe I’ve got it. My mind is back on track and things are starting to unfold as they should. I’m back to getting some writing done, sales are up, and I’m loving every bit of it.
(Writer hard at work; do not disturb unless it is a matter of chocolate or coffee)
OK, now for the ROW80 check-in.
One: Write something at least five times or more each week.
Been there, done that.
Two: Write a minimum of 2500 on my WIP words each week.
Just squeaked by on this one.
Three: Publish at least six new novels in 2012.
I’m nearly through the edits on the next romance novel. I hope to get it out by the end of the month.
Four: Read and review six or more first novels by new authors. (I don’t give bad reviews, so don’t panic, I’m friendly, honest. J
I haven’t had a lot of reading time this past week. Falling down a bit here.
Five: do more to be supportive of new and struggling writers.
Beta reading for an aspiring author. This girl has what it takes, can’t wait for her to get the book finished. (Cracks whip ever so gently)
Six: Blog two or three times each week over and above the ROW80 check-ins.
Made it, I think; didn’t I? Sure I did. Ok blog days should be Mondays and Thursdays, at least that will be the target.
Ok, that’s about it for today folks. How is it going for you? Did you hit your targets? Let me know how it went for you.

Focused Thought

Since my last post spoke of re-focusing, I thought I’d pull up and old post on the subject and have another look at it. So, here we go:

Where you focus your thoughts will dictate your experience of reality. Please ponder this for a few moments and let that sink in, it is vitally important. Here is a small example of what I mean:

A man has a huge fight with his wife before leaving for work. In his anger he drives too fast and gets a ticket. At work he is still seething and cannot seem to concentrate; his work suffers, he snarls at his co-workers, they snarl back, and everyone gets to have a bad day. Worse yet, his boss is displeased with his work and chews him out. This poor soul is not having a lot of fun, his life isn’t working for him, and we’ve all been there before. Focus on the negative and it shall be provided.

Now, here’s what thinking like a master can do for you. Our hero stops at the car and asks himself a question, “This day is going to hell in a hurry; how can I turn this around and enjoy the day?” He turns back to the house where he apologizes to his wife and takes full responsibility for the fight. (Regardless of who started it or who was right or wrong.) He promises to make it up to her that evening then drives carefully to work, aware that his adrenalin is high and he needs to keep himself in check.

Once he arrives safely at work he turns to his co-worker and asks her for suggestions, explaining how his day got started. She laughs and says she will help but he is buying the coffee. Now he has an ally instead of an enemy. With a plan in motion to smooth out the home front, our hero turns his focus to his work. Now he asks, “Today got off to a rough start, but it is looking better all the time; I want to keep the improvements going. How can I improve the quality of the work I do today and enjoy the process?” At the end of the day the boss praises his work; he has his co-worker’s list of ways to fix his relationship, and is on his way to the florist.

He arrives home just as his wife gets home from work; she has a six pack of his favourite brand and an action movie with her. She has had time to cool off as well, and accepts her role in the dispute. He gives her the flowers, tells her where he’s taking her for dinner, and they enter the house arm in arm; happy ending and nobody had to have a bad day.

Ok, so this was a best case scenario, but you can win a lot more often than not, if you think like a master.
Here’s a real example, a story told by a Reiki student of mine. Bob (not his real name) was a classic type A personality, especially behind the wheel of a car. One day, after a near miss in traffic, he called and we talked. He called again a few days later just laughing. An angry man had cut him off in traffic, shaking his finger out the window as he did so. Instead of chasing him down and having a brawl, as was his custom, Bob just waved at the man and called out, “Thanks for not hitting me.” This time, only the angry driver was having a bad day. Bob was well pleased with himself and had a wonderful day.

These little stories will help us to understand the simple reality of the motto.  Where you focus your thoughts will dictate your experience of reality.

Have you ever had a similar experience where you caught yourself and re-focused, thereby creating a far better outcome? Come on, share with Mamma Bear. 🙂
Live joyfully my brothers and sisters; laugh lots, love much, Pru