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Beaver in the Backyard

Hi folks, yes it does look like a beaver has set up shop in my back yard. In truth it is a pile of branches from dead trees we had to cut down. It will soon be manufactured into firewood for next winter’s pleasure.

As you can see the addition to the studio is ready for paint on the outside. Now we need the electrician before we can insulate and finish the inside. All in good time.

Now for the ROW80 check-in.

I managed another five thousand words this week as well as reading and commenting on several blogs. My goal for the last session was 10K per week, but that’s not realistic for me over the summer. I’ll drop that goal to 5K per week for this round. 

I’ll also try to up the blogs to reading and commenting on at least two each day. As they say around here, “Let’s git ‘er dun!”

I now have to get some new material together for the newsletter. Don’t forget to sign up for that one. The link is at the top right of the page. See you there!