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Progress on the Farm and at the Keyboard

Hi Folks,

Well, here’s all the news that’s new from the farm this past week. In spite of a cold wet week I did manage to harvest two of the five huge clumps of chives. They’re hanging in the greenhouse drying. 

I also harvested the rhubarb seed podIt too is in the garden house drying. While I was at it I pulled enough rhubarb to make another double batch of jam. Looking good for the coming winter already.

Just getting under way are the tomato plants which are now in blossom. Everything is looking good for now. I’m already planning how to double the raised beds next year. 

ROW80 Check-in:

I know I set a target of 2500 words for each week this round, but we had a rainy week so I had more time at the keyboard. Clocking in at 7500+ words for the week. 
However, that means a lot of other things didn’t get done, so if this coming week is sunny I will be struggling to find keyboard time. Still shooting for the 2500 for this week.

Here’s wishing you all a productive week filled with unexpected blessings.


News From Down on the Farm

Hi Folks,

I promised an update of the farm efforts and here I am. Things have slowed down from an expansion standpoint. On the other hand, everything is growing nicely. That darn rhubarb seed stalk is now over seven feet tall.

I have gathered poles from the bush behind the house to use as pea poles. I’ve stuck them in the ground. I will wait until the peas are climbing well before I show you a picture.

Now that everything is starting to grow, I have a bit of time to write as we wait for the next step in food production. Things have been going well on the writing front too. Lady Blue continues to sell well, Immortal Tigress has just been re-released, and thanks to a few rainy days the sequel to Tigress is coming along nicely.  Life is good.


Okay, is today the first day of the round? Cool. So, goals. Long range goal is to finish the first draft of Shapeshifter during this round. Short term goals, about 2500 words per week or better should be just what I need. Anyway, that’s the target. Wish me luck.

May all your days be blessed

Alien Seed Pod

Hi Folks,

It’s time for another progress report from the farm. Last week saw us with nasty weather, plus a birthday and a wedding, so the farm sort of had to look after itself for a while. That’s one joy of no livestock. You can take a day off if necessary.

So, what did they do without me? Well, here’s the alien seed pod pretending to be a rhubarb. I’m 5’11” and that is nearly up past my ears. Wow.

Everything is well up now and tonight, once it cools off, I will spend considerable time watering and fertilizing. Actually, I’m just the union labor. Here’s a pic of my supervisor taking the situation to the board.

So, that’s all for today, but I should have more to report in a few days. Until then, may your days be blessed with sunshine and happy smiling people.