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Loose Ends

Hi folks, it’s time for the ROW80 check-in again. First, though, I want to give all writers and aspiring writers a little reality check. People, the minute you publish anything at all you open yourself up to the madness. There are folks out there who will attack you with a vengeance and there are those who will love you for they will see what you were trying to tell them.
Here is an example: my book, At Loose ends.
Now here’s a one star review of this book:
This book was so bad in fact I made a new section under book collections on my kindle titled “sucked” and this is the first entrant.
I agree with the other reviewers that the over all idea was great and I was actually looking forward to reading it because I thought the primise of how 9 /11 affected livlihoods and relationships was something of interest to me. However it was so over done, stiff and lacked any substance to grab onto to enjoy. I am an avid reader and can manage my way through most books but this book plain pissed me off it was so bad that I couldn’t finish it.
Here is a letter I received concerning the same book:
Dear Ms MacLeod,
I am now reading At Loose Ends for the second time.  This time through I have had time to go slowly and recognize how good it really is.  This is dramatic, powerful, emotional, tightly-scripted, fully-developed, excedingly well written.
The scene where Teagan has her meltdown and runs fro the cafe, certain that Kassidy will laugh at her for making the proposal is dynamic.  But the scenes where Kassidy slowly gets more and more desperate to reach Teagan, using up quarters on pay phones, being shunned at the shelter, breaking her glasses, finding the cafe closed and breaking down to sob in the cold–wow!
This book tugs at my heart in ways that my favorites (Deliberate Love and Second Chance) are not able to because those books do not have the pathos or life-threatening need of At Loose Ends

See, the same book, but two different outlooks on the story. Oh yes, just in case you’re wondering, At Loose Ends is my best seller so far. Moral of the story? You can’t please all the people all the time. Just do your best and ignore the rest. You will reach the people you were meant to reach. Keep writing. Keep publishing.
Now for the ROW80 goals.
1.      Finish the first draft of my current project and get it off to my editor.  CM Crawford is a great editor and has very reasonable rates. Find her here if you’re looking for a reasonable editor who is really good. http://powderriverediting.blogspot.ca/
I am very pleased with my progress here. I am now over 57K and counting. Soon I’ll be ready for the first read through.
2.      Get the next project over 15K words
3.      If Ms. Crawford gets the first project back to me in time, finish the second draft during this round. If not then I will finish and hopefully publish it during the last round.
Goals 2&3 are dependant on me accomplishing goal #1. Getting there.
Now folks, for something I feel pretty strongly about, please check out this link and read the post you find there. Thank you. http://handcuffedtotheocean.com/