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In the words of Ray Stevens, I have returned.” The power is back on and I’m ready to roll once again. The power interruptions were a bit of a crazy thing. Something went SNAFU with the power company’s equipment that had nothing at all to do with the weather or terrorists.
Apparently, if a scenario is so remote as to be virtually impossible, there’s no need to have redundant systems in place to cover that eventuality. Right? Sure… Ok, so the impossible happened, but all has been made right once again, and here I am.
One of the side effects of the outage was me being unable to meet my ROW80 goals, or even to post a check-in. I did try to get some writing done on my stone age laptop (pen and paper), but I seemed to have started a new story and got nothing at all done on any of the current WIPs. Bugger!
Ok, so here’s me, nose to the grindstone, trying to get caught up by the end of the week.
So, what did I miss while I was in cyber-limbo, anything good?  Is there something new I should check out?