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Bad Guys

Hi Folks,

All right, I’ll admit it, I’m way late with this post. Sigh. Sometimes chaos just explodes all over your world and you need a few days to settle things back down again. So, on with the show. Today’s writing discussion is about bad guys.

It is all too easy to make the bad guy totally bad. However, sometimes the bad guy is a man who finds himself in a position he never dreamed of, a person he slowly evolved into. He may often still believe in the principals that started him down this road, or at least he may continue to use the rhetoric of those principals.

For example, the bad guy all through my Novan series started out as a minor manager in a huge company. As is the case with most middle managers, the frustration of not having the ability to get anything done in a timely manner was maddening. It pushed him to make a decision he should not have made.

Like most folks, he defended his mistake rather than accept he made a mistake. Each step thereafter led him down a path of greater and greater evil and despotism. Yet, even at the peak of his power, he still tried to convince his daughter he had done it all to bring peace to the galaxy, to make a safe world for her to live in.

Here’s a quote from when she realizes he has gone completely over the edge.
“The witch and her hounds must be removed for the good of the Company. I will destroy them and bring Sector Nine back into line, and then I will absorb A.S. Inc. for helping them. They will all pay dearly for plotting against me.”
“Father, will you not relent? Even for me?”
“No, child, I cannot, will not. Not even for you.”
“Is there nothing left of my father in there at all?” pleaded Brenna, tears in her eyes.

“I am your father, Brenna, and I want what’s best for you.”

Okay, so, the moral of the story here is, spend a bit of time in the bad guy’s head. Why does he do what he does? What drives him? What’s his endgame plan?

ROW80 check-in

Initially I set out to finish a WIP in this round. I did that and made some real headway with a new story. I managed another 2500 words on the new story last week. Will shoot for another 2500 this coming week.

Well, that’s it for me today, folks. Hope all is shiny in your world.


Omniscient Voice

Hi folks,
Well, another week has gone by at warp speed. It was a week of strange and interesting things popping up on the internet. One that truly caught my eye was a debate on the use of omniscient voice for writers. (Omniscient voice is the all-knowing voice of the storyteller or narrator.) A large number of writer and agents are of the opinion that omniscient voice is dead, that on one writes with this style anymore, and if they do no intelligent reader will read it.

I do!

To all of you who buy my books and prove them wrong, Thank You. You see, I always write in the omniscient voice. I have no pretensions of great academic credentials or of high literary accomplishments. I am a storyteller. Storytelling for the entertainment of people is a time honored tradition, and one that I pursue.

As a small child I would crawl under the kitchen table and listen to my father and his friends swap lies, as they called it. I got to know the stories they told and to recognize how and when they embellished them. I instinctively understood the entertainment value and the spiritual bonding between the storyteller and his audience. 

That is what I do, I try to entertain you with my stories and thereby share a special human experience with you the reader. I know I could tell the story in the first person or third person, but there is always more than one person in a story. When you tell a story through the eyes of a single character you lose a lot of the other characters’ value. We are all humans and we all have a story to tell. By that logic, there is always more than one character in every story and all are equally important.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. J
ROW80 Check-in

It was a very busy week. Yes, that’s an excuse for not reaching my goal. I have a long list, but I won’t bore you with it. (Would that count toward the word total?) No?) Darn!)
Okay, the goal was to reach 15K for the week, but I barely managed 10K. “This week will be different,” she says as she straightens her back, cracks her knuckles, and bends over the keyboard.
It’s not easy, though when the weather is like this outside and there are dogs to play with. J

Well folks, that’s it for me this week. Drop me a line and let me know how you’re getting on. 

Oh, and for all you writers out there, what do you think of omniscient voice? I’d love to hear your feedback.


Character Studies

He sits watching out the window while the buzz of conversation goes on around him. This man is neither young, nor is he old, at least not by my standards. He is tall and rail thin, yet I saw him walk in and he moves with the easy grace of a man who has spent a lot of his life on his feet. Squinting slightly against the sun’s attempts to get through the dirty window, he allows the creases around his eyes and mouth to show. That face has laughed a lot over the years, and many of those years have been spent in the sun.
For a moment he turned back to his companions’ conversation.  Smiling, he adds a comment in a smooth baritone voice that could easily hypnotize. They chuckle at his remark and he goes back to the view from the window. Who is this man?
She sits alone in a large room full of people. Her eyes are closed, yet her body is moving. This girl is young, late teens at the most, yet she has the ease and self-confidence of a much more experienced woman.  Her hair dances as he head moves, her face twisting into different expressions and contortions. Mouth moving, hands dancing in the air, she sings a silent song, no sound escaping her perfect lips. People watch her in fascination, yet she is unaware, her eyes closed to the immediate world.
Finally, as her hair swings aside like liquid silk, I see the ear buds and the cord leading to the device in her lap. Suddenly her eyes open and she makes eye contact. I smile and give her a thumbs up. She grins and waves, never pausing in her silent song, clearly devoted to the unseen audience who listen attentively on another plane that only she can see.  Who is this girl?
Who are these people? Characters in an upcoming novel perhaps? Well maybe, but in truth, they are just two of the people I saw on the boat the last time I went over to the city.
So, are you a people watcher like me?  Do you sing in the car? Careful, I might be watching. Tee hee  Yes indeed, this is how I often find characters for my stories. How about you folks? Have you seen any interesting characters lately?