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Whirlwind Week

Hi Folks,

I know I’m a bit late here, but I’ve been a bit busy gal. Last Tuesday my beloved K had a knee replacement. Not so much fun. I brought her home on Thursday, but things got complicated and I had to take her back to the hospital Sunday night. Everything is under control now, she is home and feeling much better. Life is good.

I’ve been taking care of her needs as well as doing her chores and my own. That’s where you learn just how much your partner gets done in a day. The woman is amazing,; how does she manage to get so much done in a day? Anyway, as you have probably guessed a few things have been neglected.

On that neglected list are both my garden and my writing. Today is the day I try to catch up with the garden a bit. Sad to day, the past few weeks have been cold and damp, near the freezing point. The garden is unhappy. 

Also, the herbs and seeds already harvested aren’t drying, they’re molding. Today I’ll move them from the greenhouse to a heated room in K’s workshop. I should have better luck there. What’s that? The rhubarb? Oh yeah, it’s ready to harvest again. 🙂


As I mentioned above, taking care of K has cut into writing time. so, no progress to report for last week. Tomorrow I will try to catch up a bit. (Or sleep a lot.)

On the bright side, sales are up.Especially Lady Blue 
and Immortal Tigress. Thank you all, so glad you enjoy my stories.


Well, that’s it for me today. I have to get outside before it starts to rain again.


Another Week Zooms By

Hi folks,

So where did this past week go? I did get a bunch of writing done, but not as much as I wanted to. We’ve had some crazy weather, but I managed to get out with the dogs to play in the woods and fields a few times.

There was also the annual search for the woollies and shopping to replace what we couldn’t find or had grown out of. (sigh… gotta get more exercise) As soon as we dug out the winter clothes, laundered and installed them in the closet then put away the summer stuff, it warmed up and rained for two days. Argh

On the bright side we are back in the cool crisp sunny fall weather that I love so much. Hmmm, I’ll soon have to think about getting the snow tires installed.

Also on the bright side, The MacKendricks is selling well and I am truly thrilled with that. 

To celebrate, we’re hoping to bring out a new sci-fi at the end of the month. I know, crazy, right? I swear I have a million stories in my head. My fingers just can’t keep up with the demand. J

Now for ROW80

I hit my goal for the week earlier than expected. You all know how it is, you get in the zone and it really flows. The result is the first draft is finished, had a fast then a more careful edit and now is in the hands of the editor. Life is good. I even managed to visit a few of your blogs. I want to do more of that in future.

So, next week it is back to the grind. Target=15,000 words on a new WIP.
Well, that’s all from me this week folks, drop me a line and let me know what you’re up to. I love to hear from you.