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No Cliffhangers

Hi folks,

Life has kept me away from the computer a lot lately, but what can you do?  Okay, we were discussing chiffhangers last time.  I’m still getting feedback on that one, and the overwhelming majority of readers agree they hate them.

I agree, for I believe that when I publish a book I enter into a contract with the reader.  My part of the deal is to tell a full story.  Yes, there can be a few hints of further adventures to come, but I will always finish the story I’m telling you, the book will bring every major issue to a satisfactory conclusion.

So, on that note, for those of you who have yet to read it, I offer up SUVI.  Book one of three. (So far, book four is well under way.)  Check out SUVI, I promise you a full and enjyable story.  Here’s where to find it:



So, back to work for me.  See you next time.



Best Sellers

Hi folks,

Last time I told you about my dynamic duo, SUVI and Lady Blue.  It appears you agree with me because this past week they both earned their gold star.  Yes indeed, both SUVI and Lady Blue are now wearing Best Seller labels, SUVI for sci-fi, and Lady Blue for urban fantasy.  So, if you haven’t already read either of these, here’s where to check them out.



Go check them out while I get back to work on the sequel to SUVI.  Happy reading!

Until next time



The Heir

Hi folks,

The vampire king must name an heir, but the choice isn’t an easy one.  Of the people he could choose, the Lady Hawk is an unknown, even if she would accept.  There are others better suited for the task, but fate is about to intervene.

A woman is taken, tortured, and suddenly Rhonda is thrust into a position of command that she doesn’t want.  What if she screws it up?  What if it all goes wrong and blows up in her face getting everyone killed?  She’s utterly terrified, and the man she depends on most just sits there waiting for orders.  Will she succeed on her own or fail and bring ruin to all?

Book seven in the Children of the Wild series.



Okay, I’ll confess it, the Lady Hawk is one of my favorite characters.  I’ve actually missed hanging out with her.   Don’t wait, get this latest episode in the Children of the Wild series today.  See what the Lady Hawk is up to now. 🙂

Until next time



She’s Back

Hi folks,

Well, for those of you who follow The Children of the Wild series, and who’ve asked me what happened there, hold onto your hats, the Lady Hawk is back.  Sometimes life hands you strange turns, difficult challenges, and more.  It is how we rise to these challenges, overcome the obstacles, that defines who we will become.  The question now is, who will Lady Hawk become as she faces the biggest challenge of her life?

Now Available for presale:




Barnes and Noble

A woman is taken, tortured, and suddenly Rhonda’s thrust into a position of command that she doesn’t want. What if she screws it up? What if it all goes wrong and blows up in her face getting everyone killed? She’s utterly terrified, and the man she depends on most just sits there waiting for orders. Will she succeed on her own or fail and bring ruin to all?

Okay folks, there you have it, the return of the Lady Hawk.  Don’t wait, order your copy today. 🙂


Happy reading



Coming Soon

Hi folks,

Here’s another one to keep an eye on, it’ll be out in August.   This is sci-fi for a younger audience as well as the young at heart, and author Susan M. MacDonald does not disappoint.  Imagine, if you will:

Without your memory, who would you be?
How would you know who to protect?
Would love be enough to pull you from the edge?
Now that Alec and his terrifying abilities are under the control of the traitorous Anna, its up to Riley to save her friend before the entire galaxy comes undone. And she’s running out of time as the final explosive showdown with the seemingly indestructible Rhozan approaches.
Book Three of the Tyon Trilogy comes to a dramatic end. (Or does it?)
So here’s what to look for:
And here’s where to get a sneak peek as well as a chance to pre-order:
So there it is, folks, action, adventure, and a whole lot more, check it out.  It rocks!
Until next time, happy reading. 🙂

Music of the Heart

Hi folks,

I’ve been off world for a while, but I haven’t forgotten all you awesome Earthlings.  For those of you who aren’t  aboard the spaceship, here’s a great new romance novel for you from Maria Siopis, Music of the Heart.

Here’s Maria to tell you a bit about it:

“Danielle, a New York media executive and owner, Melina, a Greek singer, and Vickie, a flight attendant, will unexpectedly meet, and their lives will change forever.

Danielle believes that the island of Santorini is the perfect getaway and where she hopes to find tranquility. All elements are there to grant her wish, the vastness of the Aegean Sea stretches in front of her for miles, and the rented villa is luxurious and minutes from the town of Oia where the most stunning sunsets occur, and where exquisite white homes with blue domed roofs climbing the mountainside. What she doesn’t expect is to lose her serenity within hours of arrival to the island. Nevertheless, she completely surrenders herself when she meets Melina who threatens to destroy her inane beliefs about love.

Melina is curious about Danielle, the intriguing woman she meets backstage after her concert, but she keeps her distance. Her life is settled, she has a fiancé she adores, and a career that’s taking off. That’s her destiny, yet, a brief moment, a tiny nanosecond changed everything. Her path is crossed, and she is too late to change course. She collides with her destiny, the perfect mate who is right in front of her. Can she make a choice that is truthful to her heart or is she going to allow accusations and lies destroy her better judgment?

Vickie stands between the two lovers claiming Melina’s heart when the dark secrets and lies are exposed. Is Melina going to give in to the gorgeous flight attendant or will her heart be taken by Danielle? In a moment of hurt and disbelief Melina takes the wrong path.
Yet, music cures broken hearts, music mends broken souls. Or so Melina believes.”

So, folks, get your copy today at any of these fine book vendors.

Amazon       more Amazon       still more Amazon       Kobo       Apple

         Barnes and Noble             24Symbols                Playster

Now, I’m settling down in my chair with a big mug of tea to do some more reading.  I’ll bring you more news of more great new writers soon.



SUVI (Survivor of Unknown Viral Infection)

Hi folks,

Wow, just wow.  I am so excited about this one.  SUVI is my latest book, the first in a new series, and by far my best work yet.  Okay, I’m hyped about this one, pleased as punch at how it came out.  Check this out!


Enslaved as a child, her DNA altered until she was barely half human, Jeannie Sorenson still managed to engineer her escape back to the ship that brought her to that deadly planet. Could the humans accept her now that she was half alien? Could she learn to interact with them and still retain her freedom? And why the hell did they keep asking her for answers when they didn’t want to hear them?

Get your copy now, folks, you won’t be sorry.  (Can you tell I love this story?)

Okay, I’ve been promising a newsletter and it will happen this week.  We’ve finally got everything compliant with the new rules, and the site is now a secure site, so we’ve had our shots, it’s safe to take us home now.

Happy reading!



Price Drop!

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to let you know we’ve dropped a couple of bucks off the price of a Prudence MacLeod novel.  The idea here is to make the back list more accessible for those of you wanting to collect full a series.   Here’s a good place to start:


This book sets the stage for and is the beginning of the Children of the Wild series.  So, if you like vampires, werewolves and more, get started now.  There are five books in the series with book six on the way.  Race the Wind (book 6) should be out early next week, so you avid readers like me have a chance to catch up.

Once again, my entire back list has been dramatically reduced in price.  Okay, now here’s the peek into Race the Wind.

The sun was just setting as the hawk spiraled down and morphed into the woman right beside Merle as he walked from the barn to the house.  “Jesus woman,” he exclaimed.

“Hey, Merle.”

“Girl, you look like hell.”

“Really?  I’m standing here, buck naked, and you say I look like shit?  I’m hurt, Merle.”

“What?  No, tired, I mean tired.  You look exhausted.”

“Nice recovery, Slick.”

She was grinning, and he blushed to his roots.  “You’re as bad as the rest of them.  Git in that house and get some clothes on.  Git.”


Okay, that it for now.  Go shopping, read a book, and I’ll see you next time.




Sneak Peek at a New Book

Hi there,

Rhonda Stockman here, known as the Lady Hawk.  Prudence is a busy girl these days, so I’ve commandeered her blog to give you a sneak peek into the next adventure in the Children of the Wild series, starring yours truly.  The entire book should become available in the next few days.  The book will be called Race the Wind, the cover will look something like this:

Now. here’s a peek inside:

The queen of the vampires awakened with a start, breathing deeply as she tried to shake off the spell of the vision.  “Sally, my beloved, what is it?”  Concerned, the king took her gently into his arms.  “Hush now, I’ve got you, you’re safe.  Tell me what you saw.”

She snuggled against him, retreating into the protection of his arms.  “I saw a time of danger, Harald, danger of discovery.  Somehow, a horse is at the center of it, but it is Igor and Rhonda who are the key.”

“Igor and Rhonda?”

“Yes, if they can’t hold true to each other, all will be lost.  If they can, we have a solid chance, but it’s the horse that will make or break it.”

“So what do we do?”

“Nothing, Harald, my love.  There’s nothing we can do.  It’s going to be up to the Hawk and the Wolf; our future lies in their hands, their ability to function, the strength of their love for each other.  This will be their greatest test, and all our fates hang in the balance.


Okay, so there you go, got your curiosity up yet?  Cool.  Keep watching this blog for further updates.  As soon as the book goes live I’ll post the links where you can find it.  If you like this series you’ll love this latest installment.

Bye for now

Ronni (aka Lady Hawk)

Messing With It

Hey folks,

Well, I’m here to tell you, boredom can make you do strange things.  In my own case it caused me to do something I thought I’d never do.  I messed with my website.  When I first had it built it was a thing of beauty, but, over time WordPress updated this and that and not everything behaved like it was supposed to.  So I broke down and messed with it.

So, here’s where I ask you to take a poke around, see what you like, what you don’t, and let me know which is which.  All feedback is greatly appreciated.  Here’s the page for one of my favorites, start there.

Lady Blue by Prudence MacLeod

book page


Okay, back to the writing stuff.  I’m currently working on the latest novel in the Children of the Wild series.  With any luck at all you’ll get to see it in February.