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Bad Guys

Hi Folks,

All right, I’ll admit it, I’m way late with this post. Sigh. Sometimes chaos just explodes all over your world and you need a few days to settle things back down again. So, on with the show. Today’s writing discussion is about bad guys.

It is all too easy to make the bad guy totally bad. However, sometimes the bad guy is a man who finds himself in a position he never dreamed of, a person he slowly evolved into. He may often still believe in the principals that started him down this road, or at least he may continue to use the rhetoric of those principals.

For example, the bad guy all through my Novan series started out as a minor manager in a huge company. As is the case with most middle managers, the frustration of not having the ability to get anything done in a timely manner was maddening. It pushed him to make a decision he should not have made.

Like most folks, he defended his mistake rather than accept he made a mistake. Each step thereafter led him down a path of greater and greater evil and despotism. Yet, even at the peak of his power, he still tried to convince his daughter he had done it all to bring peace to the galaxy, to make a safe world for her to live in.

Here’s a quote from when she realizes he has gone completely over the edge.
“The witch and her hounds must be removed for the good of the Company. I will destroy them and bring Sector Nine back into line, and then I will absorb A.S. Inc. for helping them. They will all pay dearly for plotting against me.”
“Father, will you not relent? Even for me?”
“No, child, I cannot, will not. Not even for you.”
“Is there nothing left of my father in there at all?” pleaded Brenna, tears in her eyes.

“I am your father, Brenna, and I want what’s best for you.”

Okay, so, the moral of the story here is, spend a bit of time in the bad guy’s head. Why does he do what he does? What drives him? What’s his endgame plan?

ROW80 check-in

Initially I set out to finish a WIP in this round. I did that and made some real headway with a new story. I managed another 2500 words on the new story last week. Will shoot for another 2500 this coming week.

Well, that’s it for me today, folks. Hope all is shiny in your world.