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Quality Time

Hi folks, I promised another excerpt from Shelly’s Turn and here it is along with my Wednesday check-in for ROW80

“So do we get to spend some quality time together tomorrow?”
“Sure thing, Dad, I’ll be cleaning out the garage, cutting the grass, tidying up the flower beds, and stuff like that. This place has been neglected since Charlene died. I could sure use the help if you don’t mind.”
“Terry, I thought we might take in a ball game or something like that.”
“Sure, Dad,” snarled Terry as he leaped to his feet and glared at his father, “let’s you and me bugger off to a ball game and leave Mom with all the work here. Let’s go play father and son while she tries to do the stuff I should be doing, the stuff you should be doing.  Is that your idea of quality time?  Well it sure isn’t mine.”
“Now listen, Terry…”
“No, you listen. First you ran out on me and Mom, then you sold our house from under us, then you get your girlfriend knocked up and have to marry her. Now you’re here to play father and son while you work up your courage to tell Mom you’re going to jam out on the alimony payments.”
“Now look, boy,”
“Go ahead, Dad; look me in the eye and tell me I’m wrong.” Jillian said nothing as Terry let his father see his anger for the first time. Albert needed to know his son was angry and Terry had a right to express that anger. Albert dropped his gaze and could not meet his son’s eyes.
“I thought so,” snorted Terry as his father looked away.
“It’s not that easy, son,” sighed Albert, sinking back into his seat.
“It was easy enough when you left,” replied Terry.
“No Dad, I don’t want to hear it because it will just make me madder. You know where to find me tomorrow if you really do want to spend time with me. If not, I suggest you go back to your new wife.”
“Terry, I will still pay support.”
“And alimony or go to jail,” replied Terry as he stalked away.
Albert sighed as he watched his son walk away. “Jill, it’s not like you think.”
“No?  Are you so sure?”
“Gail’s got cancer,” sighed Albert. “She’s refused to have any treatments because she would have to have an abortion. The doctor believes she might live long enough to have the baby, and she intends to do just that. I need to …..”
“The support payments for Terry will be fine, Albert.  Go now; I’ll talk to Terry in the morning.”
“No, let it go, Jill. He’s still young enough for life to be black and white yet. Let him enjoy it while he can. I’ll head back in the morning. Just tell him I love him.”
“I think you should have told him that yourself, Al.”
“Perhaps I should have, but I doubt he would believe it at this point in time. I’ll send the support and as much as I can, Jill, I promise.”

Now on to the goals.
1.      Blog twice each week.
This one is #2 so I’m good here.
2.      Continue to read and comment on the blogs of my fellow writers
I love this one, it is never a problem to accomplish.
3.      Write at least 4K words per week.
I’m at 3K for the week so far. Shouldn’t be a problem.
4.      Read at least one book every two weeks.
Just finished “The River Knows” by Amanda Quick
Well, that’s it for me today. I hope to get Shelly’s Turn up  by the end of the week.
So how are you doing? Meeting your goals? Are you having any fun at all? Both? Talk to me folks.