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Every Step

Hi Folks,
They say every step forward is a step towards the goal, a.k.a. progress. In that case this past week was fun and we made progress. You’ve got to love it when it works.

The weather has been hot, and I don’t do well in the heat, but there were lots of bright spots. For example, on our way to the city the other day we spotted a whale in the harbour. He was quite far away and all we had for a camera was my phone. Charis kept her eyes on the area where he was and clicked away, but we’re not certain if we got that camera shy guy’s picture or not. It’s just a black spot, can you find it?

On the other hand, we made good progress on the studio extension. We got the rest of the siding on and the painting started. Now we’re just waiting for the electrician. Once he’s done his thing we can finish it and press it into service. (K has already ordered more equipment)

Ah yes, ROW80.

It wasn’t a complete loss here either. I will confess that, in the heat, I just nap and do little else. In spite of that early morning writing has given me another four thousand words. The best part? There’s no end in sight yet. You see, I love telling the story. Once it’s finished then I have to come back to Earth for a while until the next story carries me off on another adventure. I have such a hard life. Tee hee
So, that’s it for me this week folks, what have you all been up to? Drop me a line, I love to hear from you.