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Monday started off with a bang. The bang was the sound of an SUV plowing into the side of my car at speed. I saw it speed up too late and hit the gas to take the impact behind me instead of on my door. The seatbelt held me firm; over thirty five years of faithfully clicking that on finally paid off. I walked away from this one, but not right away.

The side of the car was shattered and I was covered with broken glass. I cleaned myself off as best I could and phoned home to let K know I had been hit, but I believed myself to be okay. I waited for the firemen to show up and when they did they put me in a C. collar.

The ambulance arrived a moment later. The Jaws of Life were used to open my car door then I was placed on a backboard and strapped in. I’m a big girl and it took a few of the lads to get me out of the car. Anyway, as any good writer would, on the ride to the hospital I pitched my book to the Paramedic riding with me. I gave her my card and everything.

There was quite a back up at the emergency ward and I spent a long while on the backboard before they came to check me out. How did I spend my time? Why mentally composing my blog post and working on my WIP, of course.

Eventually it was my turn. They got me off the board, poked and prodded for a while, asked me silly questions to which I gave silly answers. Finally they pronounced me fit to go. I marched happily out of the building to see K just pulling up in the truck.  I’m a bit stiff and sore, but nothing really; I’ve been in worse shape from wrestling with the dogs.

As I always say, “Some days it is better to be lucky than good.” Monday was just such a day. The thing that is most humbling about this whole experience is the compassion of the people who saw it happen and took charge of the situation until the professionals arrived, the professionals themselves, and especially the wonderful friends I have on the internet.

You hear people say, “I have hundreds of friends on the internet.” You know what? I do. The compassion and concern shown for me by you wonderful people is both uplifting and humbling. I swear I will do all in my power to be worthy of such loving friendships. You folks are so amazing; I love you all.
ROW80 Check-in.
Since I have published Hunter this round, I have only one main writing goal left. In this round I want to get my current WIP as close to 40K words as possible.
Progress: I didn’t get much done here since my last check-in. I will try harder the rest of the week.

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