I have been asking for feedback about my next book cover, and as many of you know it was a bit of a process. When I ask for feedback, I truly do want it. Heeding the suggestions you gave me, and with your help, we sifted through many different versions of possible covers until, finally, success smiled upon us. Here is the final version of the cover, created by the extremely talented Melinda VanLone. Melinda, I can’t thank you enough.

I also promised three people would receive a free book from my back list or this new release. Here are the winners.
Kassandra Lamb
Dianne Gardener
Linda Adams
Ladies, I thank you for your comments and your feedback. Please check out my books and decide which one you’d like. Drop me a line and I’ll e-mail a coupon to you. Happy reading.

ROW80 check-in and book launch.
I am calling this round of ROW80 a rousing success. We have just published Hunter. Thanks go out to speedy service, Vanessa, our cover model, Jessica Widdup our cover photographer, and Melinda VanLone for her professional cover design and the final product.

If you can, please consider going to the Hunter page on Amazon and hitting the “like” button. 

Also, please consider joining my mailing list. Drop me a line here: and put List in the subject line. Thanks so much.

Now, that you’ve seen the final product, tell me what you think of the cover. I’d love your feedback on this.

10 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Melinda nailed it! It pops, the type is easy to read, and the colors in the background let the reader know this is no ordinary earthly adventure. Congrats on the new release – and getting a great cover!

  2. Awww Thanks y'all! I'm so glad you like it. Design/publishing was actually my first career :-). I figure keeping it on the side while I write makes sense. Plus it's just downright fun and a nice break. Call on me anytime Prudence 🙂

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