It is going to be a Merry Christmas after all. We now have Charis safely across the border and all is well here in the north. 

However, with all the upset and confusion, I haven’t got a lot of writing done, as you might guess.

I have, however, made a good start on the next book in the Novan series, I have finished most of my Christmas shopping, I have wrapped the gifts, and am looking forward to a few days of a slower pace.

Let me now wish all of you the happiest days of the season, no matter what name you give it. May it be a season of peace and joy, of love and sharing, of hope for a better and brighter year to come.
Now for the last Row80 check-in of this round.

1.      Write 5000 words per week until first draft of WIP is complete.
Not much accomplished this week.

2.      Accept more requests for interviews. (Currently I only do about one in five. Bad me!
I’m told I need to open up and get over my shyness.)
There were no requests this week.

3.      Read and comment on at least one blog per day.
I did manage this one, but just barely.
Well that’s the round for me folks. I started off with a bang, but ground to a halt near the end. How did you all do? Successful, I do hope.

8 thoughts on “Success

  1. Hi Liv. Apparently, Canada Customs has a habit of targeting single women travelling alone. We got some stellar advice from folks on-line who have been through this before and our second attempt was successful. Yay for internet friends.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. 🙂

  2. "Canada Customs has a habit of targeting single women travelling alone." What???
    Is that an official position? Or just a few overbearing idiots? Is there a reason? Or just male chauvenist cussedness?

  3. I doubt there is anything official, but the number of women who contacted us with similar stories was quite surprising. The thing is, now there's a flag on her passport that should not be there. Now every time she comes to visit there will be a bit hassle from customs. I really don't understand why my friend was treated like a criminal.

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