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Ok, here’s a crazy project I’ve been threatening to undertake for some time now. I was reading another blog which spoke about the need to appreciate the little things in life, and I have to agree.  Stop and smell the roses?  Yes indeed, and here’s how I plan to do it.  I will list 100 things I love, one at a time, each getting it’s own blog post.  I fully expect this to take a year or more, but I know this can, and should be done.

I’ll confess I have been inspired here by Judy Clement Wall and her year of loving fearlessly.  Check out her blog:  I am sure it will inspire you too.

Ok, without further ado, here we go.  I should start with my beautiful partner, who has not only taught me how to life authentically, but who has loved me unconditionally for many years.  She has picked me up when I’ve fallen, cheered me on as I strove to better myself, and generally made my life a wonderful experience by sharing space with me.  It has been nearly sixteen years now, and I am still fascinated by the scope of her intellect and interests.  However, she is well above the numbers, and deserving of a list all her own, so she will not appear on this list of stuff I love. This one is about stuff, not people.

So, here comes the list, in no particular order at all. 

Number one, roses.

I have loved roses for as long as I can remember.  I love the shapes, and the colors, but my favorite is the wild rose.  I have spoken at length of life here on the island of stone, but it could easily be called the island of roses.  They grow wild everywhere. Go for a walk, and you will encounter bushes, or even long hedgerows of roses gone wild.

Many days this summer I have been out walking the dogs, only to stop for a moment as the scent of roses on the breeze teases my senses. Delicate and delightful, the scent dances on the wind to the soft hum of the bees busily gathering the nectar. Many a blue funk has vanished on the scent of roses, as will so many more, I am certain.  More than once I have straightened up from smelling a blossom to find the dogs looking at me.

“That’s the idea, Mom,” they seem to be saying.  “Close your eyes and use your nose.” I revel in their approval, and marvel at what their perception of the world must be like with those powerful noses.

I have spoken many times of how I want a hedgerow of roses before our cottage.  We have named it Briar Rose Cottage, and I hope to help her live up to that name.  I can only imagine the pure delight of sliding open a window to start each summer day with the scent of roses. That’s my kind of world.

2 thoughts on “Stuff I love

  1. Oh I adore roses, ESPECIALLY the wild ones. They are so fierce and prickly, but still so lovely . . . a reminder that the most loving and tender heart still has the right to set boundaries and to state "handle with care". Thanks for this post!

  2. Your cottage sounds like a little slice of Heaven, Prudence! Love roses too. Used to have a white house in NH with deep red American Beauties climbing a trellis the hubs built from ground to roof top. And a nice thick, deep bed of Thyme around their base. Mmmm, miss those!

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