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Hi folks, we’ve got a rainy day here, just in time for a post and a ROW80 check-in. I’ve been distracted a lot lately and one of the reasons is the planning and construction of the studio expansion. Last year you got to see the original construction. This time you can watch the expansion. So saying, here’s the beginning.  First we dig the sod away and set the blocks.

Then we build a floor in the rain. (Didn’t plan that, honest. It wasn’t raining when we started.)

Then you cover it up with tarps and wait for a better day to build walls. 

The picture of me, soaked to the bone and kicking back at the computer while I wait for a turn in the shower will be in my monthly newsletter. There will also be a sneak peek at the next book in the Nova Series. You can sign up for that here. J

Now for the ROW80 check in.

All other goals have been put on hold except for reading and commenting on a blog a day and trying to reach 10K words each week.

This week I managed to read and comment on blogs, but fell a bit short on the writing. I’m at just under 5K for the week. Ahhh, I will try harder this coming week.
Well, that’s it for me today folks, what sorts of fun things are you all up to? I hope all you ROWers are doing better than I am. I’d love to hear from you all.

16 thoughts on “Studio Expansion

  1. Prudence, the studio extension is going to be so cool. I hope it doesn't keep raining on you because that can sure make building miserable. Of course, so can too much heat. The temps have to be juuuuusssst right. 🙂 I'm sending you word vibes so you can hit your 10k goal this week. {}{}{}{}{}

  2. Hi Margaret, we're adding another two work stations and some storage. Today it rained then turn to snow. Those were some of the biggest snowflakes I've ever seen. It is back to rain now, but tomorrow is supposed to be clear. Fingers crossed.

  3. Aww…lucky you! We started the week out with frost and below freezing temps…and today it hit the mid-80s. I WANT YOUR SNOW PLEASE!!! I hate summer, lol. I'm not all that fond of winter either, but better that than sweltering. 🙂

    LOVE your little studio! When you're finished with it, I wouldn't say no if you wanted to buzz down here and help me build one of my own. 😉 Hope you get the weather you need to get it finished soon.

  4. 5K a week plus blogs… on top of digging turf and laying down floors…. Oh, you've been keeping busy busy busy there. The writing will come, and by the looks of things you'll be more comfortable doing it. Bonus!

    Have a great, creative and fruitful week, Prudence.

  5. The studio expansion looks terrific! So excited for you.

    As for word count… 5000 words a week is a good goal for first drafts. I've found that it's hard for me to track revisions the same way. Instead, during revisions I pace myself with chapter goals. But whatever works for you is the method you should stick with!

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