Spring Shopping Trip.

Ok, yesterday was one of those days. I’d been planning a shopping trip for a while and it was my day. Here’s what Mother Nature had in store for me. These photos were taken by Sandra Mills on her Iphone. Believe it folks, that was yesterday.
 Here’s the morning conversation at the cottage.
Me. “K, Honey, where are all my winter clothes?”
K. “In the storage bin, why?”
Me. “There’s snow down and more falling fast. Where is the bin?”
K. “In the storage attic of the stidio.”
Me. “Bugger. Do you know where my winter boots are?”
K. “Yes.”
Me. “Can you share?”
K. “They’re with mine.”
Me. “Where are yours?”
K. “In the other bin.”
Me. “In the storage attic of the studio?”
K. “Yep, that’s where you put them.”
Me. “Bugger. Ok, plan B.”
K. “The short boots with tall heels?”
Me. “Yes indeed. I will not lose my shopping day.”
K. “Better you than me, dear. Have fun.”
So there I was, tottering through the snows in the parking lots and into the stores. That’s when I noticed I had forgotten something else about the day. It was the end of the month and all the pensioners were out with their cheques looking for the bargains. I thought I’d been zapped into another dimension for a while.
Picture this, me at six foot plus in heels with long blonde hair amid a veritable sea of small people (under 5’5”) with varying shades of grey and silver hair. The fellas were checking me out, (the short skirt might have added to the problem), the women were poking them in the ribs and telling them to behave as they gave me the evil eye. I was starting to rethink my wardrobe choices for the day.
By two PM the world had changed, the snow was gone, the sun was warm and I was decidedly overdressed. That’s when I gave up and headed for home. My big bargain for the day was a great pair of winter boots on sale for 70% off.  Love it.
Oh, there’s a few ice-bergs around, but this one is blocking the entrance to Quidi Vidi Harbor on the east side of St. John’s city. This one’s for you, Sally! 
Keep watching this blog for the further adventures of Prudence MacLeod.  
So, how’s the weather where you are?

8 thoughts on “Spring Shopping Trip.

  1. April 30 was the first dry sunny blue skied day for weeks and t'was my birthday – 1st of May, back to grey drizzle – somewhere, sometime I did something good:)

    I think you must have looked like a god from ancient times, striding among the mortals:)

  2. Hee Hee, my heavy winter boots live under the back seat of the SUV. I hate going to bed with the A/C on and waking up to snow spilling over the tops of my boots! It has happened often enough that I take no chances.

    I can see you striding through the crowds, a pillar of beauty and strength. I would be willing to bet that those evil eyed looks that you were getting were due to a whole lot of old silver hairs wishing they had ever had the beauty and the confidence to put on a short skirt with tall boots enjoy the beauty of the day!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Alberta. I'm glad you had a sunny day to celebrate with. Thanks for the compliment. I wonder, do the gods get sore feet from a day in heels? hehehe

  4. Haha!

    Did the same thing. We had twenty degrees in March and I thought I'd get ahead of myself (head slap). The government issued a drought order for the south of the country and guess what we got? Yep, floods! But because the land is so hard and compacted the water simply ran into the sea. Welcome to the United Kingdom, the only country that gets more rainfall than the Amazon and yet will have standpipes in the streets next year. If Saudi can get water to the people, why can't we? This is a rhetorical question, answers please to the crazy people who run our government.

  5. ahh that's crazy!! I live in florida, so the weather is generally always the same. it's either raining or it's hot out or it's both. Anyway, I found your site through the list in the making connections group on goodreads and am following you! Hope you will check out my blog as well!
    Have a great day!

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