Special Day

Hi folks, 
You’re in luck, no rant today. Today has been and still is a special day for me. Why? Because K is home today, and she booted me out of the kitchen. She’s been cooking up a storm, planting seeds in pot to put in the window, and more. It will soon be gardening time.

The rhubarb is already budding. Can’t wait for it to get up to size again.

All this domesticity on K’s part has made me sit back and enjoy the blessing that having her in my life truly is. My home is warm, dry, and comfortable. The sun is beaming through the window, the old dogs are sleeping, and frankly, all is well in my world. 
In keeping with all this, we have decided to eliminate as much food as we can from our diet that comes from factory farms. We will grow what we can and buy local for as much of the rest as we can get. Considering where we live it may be impossible to reach 100%, but we intend to get as close as possible. Wish us luck.

ROW80 check-in.

So far this week I have managed 4K words and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m well pleased with the progress.
On another note, I’m going to start something new. I’ll be adding two new blogs. One will be a story in progress. I will write it page by page on the blog, always taking into consideration the feedback from the readers. Should be a lot of fun. Look for about one post per week.
The second thing will be still another blog. I’ve had so many inquiries about one of the characters in Nova Witch, and what motivates her, I thought it might be fun to write her personal log. So, I may give that a whirl as well.
Okay, back to work. Later.


2 thoughts on “Special Day

  1. And…I'm back! lol. I've been moving Pru, so that's why you haven't seen much of me lately. Oh how I hate moving! Anyway, good for you! Y'all know how I feel about factory farms. What surprises me is the fact that so many still don't realize how their food is produced. Yes, I too want to support family run farms. Happy gardening! And writing! 🙂

  2. Hi Karen, welcome back. I do hope your new place is warm and comfortable. I agree, moving sucks; I have had to do it far too often. Once you've had a chance to nest in your new place for a while it will feel more like home.

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