Something Different

Hi folks,

I thought of a dozen possibilities for a post today, the madening wait for the ferry boats the other day, the true delight of a morning walk through tall grass with K and the dogs, or any other of the true delights that make up my world. 

Somehow, my fingers just couldn’t seem to get it going today, so I retreated to blowing my own horn.  It’s been a while since I flogged my books, so here goes.  Since the last time, I have published several more.  Here are three:

At Loose Ends
Kassidy Wells was alone on the streets, facing a cold Canadian winter. The failure of an airline put her there, but circumstances kept her there. Teagan Wallace was alone and lonely, and determined to do something about it. Then she found Kassidy, an ambitious street girl. It was time for them both to take a leap of faith.
Arranged Marriage
Melody MacLean has a unique problem, she has multiple personalities. Harmony, perennial starving student, needs to get some first hand experience of an arranged marriage, and soon. A match made in Heaven? Maybe, maybe not, but with first names like these, they are destined to meet.

Ten Day Turnaround

Iris Carlyle knew a perfect love, and she lost it. In spite of her great psychic healing powers, she was unable to save her lover. Iris mourned for seven years. Can she ever love again? If so, will her special talents affect the relationship? What of her young apprentice, the fire starter? It will take a strong woman to enter a relationship with Iris, an even stronger one to survive intact.

 I do hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

Your thoughts?

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