Some Days are Like That

Hey folks,

Well, it was one of those weird days today. The plan was to catch a boat to the city, pick my new glasses, a few groceries, then beat a hasty retreat back to the island of stone. I started the coffee, fed the dogs and cats, sucked back a coffee then headed for the door. First thing I saw outside the door was this.

Yeah, well, it is winter. So, I dealt with that, grabbed my purse and writing pad and headed for the boat launch. I was sitting in line, happily writing away, when I sensed a disturbance in the force. I looked to see the boat was late. Very late. Folks were outside their cars, chatting, wondering what was going on. Next thing I saw was my darling Kathy. She parked and came over to my car.

“You left you phone on the kitchen table again.”

“Bugger. What’s up?”

“The boat is broken down so, no boat today. Just thought I’d come rescue you. I have to go back to work now.”

“Thanks love. I’ll go home and take the boys out for a walk.”

So, home I go. An hour or so of trekking through the woods with dogs them back to brew another pot of the medicinal herb. When I got home with the dogs, reports were out that the boats would be off line until Monday. There’s a big storm due to hit on Monday. So, bolt down some lunch and head for the local grocery store, parking lot is full. The word is out and the panic buying has begun. I managed to grab a few veggies and some eggs, the shelves were nearly empty. Yup, today was delivery day, but the truck didn’t get here. No boat.

However, I’ve seen a lot of winters and expected this sort of thing. Our larder is full, the wood box is full, and while everybody else is in a panic, I see a few days of solid writing time ahead. Life in the frozen north is good.


ROW80 check-in

 For some reason I seem to be in the zone. The target for this round is 60,000 words. I started with 1500 and now sit at 37,000. Sweet.

I truly hope all of you are finding your stride too.



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  1. My best memories are of stretches like that. Although, it is oddly silent when you don’t hear the boat’s whistle in the distance.

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