So, What’s Next

Well, it’s over, sort of. I spent the week editing and tidying up Beyond Nova and now it’s in the hands of the editor. I will readily confess I took a couple of days where I avoided the whole idea of work.
But that time of play is over.
Now it is time to decide on the next project.
Once we have a project it is back to this for several weeks.
I have several starts on file. I call it my Nits and Bobs file. It has nearly a dozen partial stories that have been gathering dust there for years. I will review them all, think up a few more ideas, confer with my editor and friends, and then choose the next effort.
Right now I’m having trouble deciding which way to go, fantasy adventure, romance, both together maybe? Feel free to chime in any time folks, I’d love some input.

1 thought on “So, What’s Next

  1. I always need a little break after completing a story, even a short one! As far as what, I love romance combined with fantasy or SF, so I'm sure I'll love whatever you choose! (Which reminds me, I have Novan Witch to read once I'm done with the beta reading project now on the Kindle!)

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