Snow Day

Yep, we’ve another one going. Wow, I’ve see a snowstorms before, but this one is right up there with the best of them. I can hardly see the end of the steps. Now, just so you know that I know whereof I speak here’s a few pics of snows past.
I don’t really mind clearing it away; after all, it is an awesome exercise program. A day like today also gives me a perfect excuse to sit and write. (Like I need one, right?) However, the thing is, K is at work and I am going to have to clear the driveway whether the storm abates or not. I’ve done this before, trying to clear away snow that blows back fast than you can clear it away. Ah well, I’ve got a few hours yet, maybe it will quit.
So, how’s the weather where you are? Are there any fellow shovelers out there?
If you’re snowed in you could always read my book, Gifted. You can find it here.

16 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Love to look at the snow. Love to be where it's warm–no such luck in San Joaquin Valley winter fog, overcast and hesitant rain here in California. I'd rather be on the beach in the tropics.

    Thanks for the beautiful snow scenes.

  2. I highly reccomend Gifted. One of my favorites so far! Enjoying a snow day myself. Cat and laptop on the couch, sipping coffee. Lovely pics! 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, that second picture with the sun coming through is gorgeous! I'm so jealous though. I want a snow day! Instead, this weekend is packed with stuff to do…and freezing rain and rain.

  4. It is good she can work from home in emergencies. The storm stopped at 2:35 this afternoon. It was like someone threw a switch. One minute the wind howled and shrieked with blinding snow and the next it was still and clear.

  5. Beautiful pics, Pru, but living in Calgary, I'm very happy with the total lack of snow we have. Brrr it's been cold here -40F with the wind chill. yikes! but it's going to be above freezing tomorrow and pushing 50F (8C) by mid week. YAY!!!

  6. Burrr Prudence. Bundle up and stay warm. I have lived in an area that got snow. Did the shoveling and all that good stuff. Now we live along the SoCal ocean. I won't tell you what the temp is. But there's nothing like waking in the morning to the quiet peacefulness that the snow brings. Lovely. 🙂

  7. That storm was supposed to hit the Salt Lake City Airport to prevent me from having to go to California! There was nothing but good weather the whole day. I'm sure you're responsible for this weather theft somehow…

    I live in a place that only sees a trace of snow a few times a year, and I must say, I like it lots. The lack of snow, that is. I'm a real sissy when it comes to the cold.

  8. I love that blue photo. No, thanks, Prudence, I've had enough snow. I got sick of it after shoveling out the driveway every morning when I lived up the Hudson, shoveling out the quarter-mile driveway in northern Maryland, shoveling out the street in Baltimore so I could get to work–it was too narrow for the snowplow. 75F here today and hazy-sunny. But we got a fire going this evening. Have a cosy night!

  9. I took that blue photo on a moonlight night. That was our little house in St. Anthony on the northern tip of Newfoundland, near where the Vikings first landed a thousand years ago. I liked the shot so much I used it for one of my book covers.

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