Sleepless in the Heat

It’s six a.m. Her eyes are open, wild, excited. Hunched over the keyboard, her fingers fly as her hands try and fail to keep pace with her racing thoughts. Spelling errors abound, language suffers, and worse, but that can all be corrected later. What is vital at the moment is to get the thoughts down before they vanish into space, leaving her empty and lost.

Leaning over her shoulder, the ghosts of imagined characters whisper in her ear, desperate to have their story told, urging her to write faster. They have her attention now. The air is cool and her mind is clear. They have to hold her while they can. All too soon the heat and humidity will cause her body to swell and her mind to wander until she is lost for another day.

Sadly, this is the way of things for Prudence MacLeod. (Pronounced Mac Loud, not mac cloud.) I hate the heat and can barely breathe in the humidity. The past week has been a trial.
The only cool spot in the house has already been claimed as you can see.

With luck it will rain tomorrow.

ROW80 Check In

It’s 9:09 a.m. Now and as you can see from the rant above, I started at six today to beat the heat. I managed to write six thousand words last week and today I got a great start on this week. The target for this week is another six thousand words. The three I managed this morning gives me a great start. What? A cheat? All right, all right, I’ll shoot for eight thousand this week. Sheesh. 🙂

This week’s efforts have pushed me over 44K on this story. I also have about 10K on another. I’d like to get more done, but I expect I will lose most of the day to naps. It’s a hard life tee hee.

So, drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing. I do love to hear from you.

Bright Blessings

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4 thoughts on “Sleepless in the Heat

  1. I hope for your sake that it cools down in your neck of the woods Pru. It's been a bit sticky here too. Just tell fluffy to scoot on over and make some room for you! 🙂

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