Hi folks, today I have got a book review for you. The book is Shrilugh (Shree-loo) by Myndi Shafer. Myndi is a new author and this is her first book, I think. I can tell we’ll hear lots about her for many years to come. Her style is reminiscent of Jane Austen with a dash of Stephanie Myers.

Shrilugh is a rollicking adventure story, yet the author has a firm grasp on the emotional turmoil brought on when life insists you leave childhood behind and grow up. I found it fascinating to watch as Ayden struggles with releasing a past she can never re-gain and facing a future that terrifies her. If you like the Twilight series you will love this too.

I have only one small complaint about Shrilugh. The ending gave no relief, not even a small respite for Ayden. We know going in this is part one of a trilogy, but in the style of Tolkien, the story just cuts off leaving you hanging. I much prefer a J.K.Rowling style where you get some solution at the end of each book. Having said that, Shrilugh is a real page turner and I will be purchasing the next two installments as soon as they hit the e-shops.

I give Shrilugh four stars out of five. Great work Myndi. Well done.

Now for ROW80 goals:
Since I have published Hunter this round, I have only one main writing goal left. In this round I want to get my current WIP as close to 40K words as possible.
Progress: I hit 25k+ yesterday. Yay!
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Thanks so much. Stay tuned folks, there’ll soon be excerpts from my WIP to tease your reading appetite.

23 thoughts on “Shrilugh

  1. I started Shrilugh late last night. It kept me up WAY past my bedtime, but I'm itching to read the rest tonight!
    Great job on your ROW80 goals and congrats on getting Hunter out! Another to add to my TBR list. 🙂

  2. Prudence, you are doing so well with your writing goals. Congratulations! It's really good to see someone pressing ahead steadily so far into this round. Keep up the great work and may your creative journey be a rich one.

    Cheers, Cate (ROW80)

  3. I have Myndi's book up on my Kindle right now as the next book to read. But after reading this, perhaps I should choose my start time carefully since I won't want to stop "_

  4. Hi Beth, my strategy is pretty simple. I sit to the computer and ask, "So, who wants to tell me a story today?" It doesn't take long before I hear the voice and start writing. I never know what is going to happen next. Great fun!

  5. Oh, darn, I'm having a hard time commenting individually! Thanks, y'all, for the sweet words! I hope you enjoy Shrilugh! *big grins*

    And way to rock your ROW80 goals, Prudence!!

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