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Short Story Review: New York Story: Saying Goodbye to Ayn Rand, March 8th, 1982
Normally I don’t review short stories, but this one is an exceptional piece of work. Let’s take a walk down memory Lane with S.J.Driscoll.  This is only a short story, but well worth a review, for it will introduce the reader to the writing of Sally Driscoll. The story brings us the author’s reaction to the death of Ayn Rand. The blurb for the story reads as follows.

One moonlit winter’s night thirty years ago, I stepped out of my everyday life to attend Ayn Rand’s wake. In this brief memoir, I share the sights, sounds and scents of that night, and the choice that her death made so clear.

Perhaps my reading comprehension isn’t what it was, but the decision wasn’t all that clear to me. Perhaps if I was an American and more familiar with Ayn Rand’s work it would be different. Having said that, perhaps I missed the point because I was so immersed in the sights, sounds, and emotions of the event. The author’s writing style immediately grabs you and drops you inside the event. You see through her eyes, feel with her emotions, and experience the full impact of the event with her. I actually read it twice just for the sensory experience.

I don’t know anything about Ayn Rand, but I do know that SJDriscoll is an author to follow and enjoy. Folks, this is a wonderful read. Five stars, no question.

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Ayn Rand, as I think I made apparent in my blog last week. I think I may just have to look into this one! I have always wanted to know a bit more about her. I was first introduced to Ayn Rand in Junior High when a teacher assigned Anthem, a relatively short story that really made me think. You know it has something when a 13 year old wants more of a class assignment. I read Atlas Shrugged in college, and have The Fountainhead on my shelf at home, just waiting to have the time to actually digest the book.

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