She’s Back

Hi folks,

Well, for those of you who follow The Children of the Wild series, and who’ve asked me what happened there, hold onto your hats, the Lady Hawk is back.  Sometimes life hands you strange turns, difficult challenges, and more.  It is how we rise to these challenges, overcome the obstacles, that defines who we will become.  The question now is, who will Lady Hawk become as she faces the biggest challenge of her life?

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A woman is taken, tortured, and suddenly Rhonda’s thrust into a position of command that she doesn’t want. What if she screws it up? What if it all goes wrong and blows up in her face getting everyone killed? She’s utterly terrified, and the man she depends on most just sits there waiting for orders. Will she succeed on her own or fail and bring ruin to all?

Okay folks, there you have it, the return of the Lady Hawk.  Don’t wait, order your copy today. 🙂


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