Serious Neglect

Dear Blog,
Remember me, you know, your writer? Yes, I know I have neglected you lately. I have no acceptable excuse. Call it a brain short circuit. I have so many story lines rattling around in my head; it has been difficult to get focused on anything else.

Yes, dear blog, I do understand that you too have needs. You have readers who come to visit and find the same old stale offerings when they so richly deserve something new and fresh.

Another piece of my problem is the weather. It is summer now, friends visit, the field and forest call seductively, the accursed grass demands to be groomed, and then there’s the beaches. Oh the siren call of gently lapping waves and the lonely cry of the gulls…  Oh, right, sorry, see how easily I get distracted?

Yes, I know that when the kids were small I was able to manage a thousand different things at once, but that is a skill that fades with time unless you constantly practice, and I confess that I haven’t.

What’s that? My point? Oh, yes, I was writing an apology, wasn’t I? Yes, well, I promise I will try harder to bring you new treasures far more often in the future. I’ll start right after the big barbeque we are hosting, then we have a quick trip on Sunday, Monday is my birthday….
Seriously folks, I’ll try to blog more regularly. Have any of you ever had life elbow your blog or your writing aside?
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Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Serious Neglect

  1. It's hard to find focus at this time of year. Of course, yesterday it rained all day so I got a lot of stuff done…
    Good luck!

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a nagging blank blog page and a rampant case of procrastination. My excuse is shoulder surgery, which has reduced me to using a right-hand mouse with my left and persuading my arm sling it does not need to contribute random characters to whatever I'm writing. If I had a beach nearby I'd be hopeless.

  3. I feel bad as well. My blog has been woefully abandoned. I may have some apologizing to do myself, especially to two young women that I left sitting on a rock listening to the Nazi's invade Luxembourg…. Hmmm, and yet … I know I had a train of thought here….OOOH!! Fresh flowers!

  4. No need to apologize, Prudence. Yep, I've had life elbow my blog and writing aside quite often lately. Plus all the social media, too. It's insane trying to keep up. Not to worry, though, because our peeps are always there for us when we get back. Your new profile pic looks good. Have fun at the BBQ and have a nice trip. Hope you have a wonderful BD!

  5. I think a lot of people are feeling this way. I actually dropped down to two posts last week, and I'm thinking of keeping it that way for the summer. I figure if I am busier and spending less time inside, infront of a computer, it's probably the same for the readers. Maybe we all need to lighten our online load so that we can focus on the writing and living our lives, which includes enjoying summer. Then we can add the extra time back in when the days are shorter and colder and in front of the computer is where we all want to be.

  6. If this post were on paper I'd beat myself over the head with it. I really need to get something out on Monday, but I've spent the weekend lying on the couch reading. I took a long break and it's been hard to get my blog mojo back. I want to, but so much distracts. It's not that much to ask my brain for two posts a week.

  7. First of all Happy Birthday. Hope it's wonderful. I've been away all weekend and have no clue about a blog for tomorrow. . . and I don't care. Funny how summer makes one lazy and relaxed and unconcerned. Don't fret the small stuff–and it's mostly all small stuff.

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