Second Novel Published

Ok, I’ll confess, I didn’t write another novel that fast; I have a number already finished.  All I have to do is refine the formatting and then submit the manuscript, cross my fingers, and wait. 

All this I have done, and success, there it is.  I now have a second novel published.  This is a science fiction adventure story, and I have been told by the few who have read it, that it is quite entertaining.  It can be found here:


All my book covers are photographs that we have taken somewhere in our travels, so it is possible that you might just recognize a landscape or two.  Also, each cover photo relates, in some way, to the tale told within. 

I have been told that I am a natural storyteller. That is a comforting thought, as that is my intention.  I seek only to entertain with a good story, nothing more.  So, check it out, and I hope you enjoy.  As always, there is a teaser of about 30% of the book free to download.

One thought on “Second Novel Published

  1. You are so amazing to put your work out there…. Maybe this will serve as the kick in the butt I need, or maybe I'll just stand back in awe.

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