Season of Stress

Hi folks,

     Yup, the season of madness is upon us once again. Traffic is backed up everywhere, lights being strung, trees put up and decorated, lists and letter being written, etc. The stress piles up because the regular stuff has to keep happening too, work, grocery shopping, etc.

     Yes, we’re caught up in the seasonal whirlwind too, but you have not been forgotten, dear readers. A new romance is on the horizon. We’re going back to our old favorite genre, lesbian romance, for another adventure. Here’s the opening salvo.

*Melanie Rivers sat on her motorcycle, staring at the passing waves as the ferry boat carried her across the short stretch of water to the island where she had grown up. It had been so long ago, it seemed like a lifetime. At length she took out her notebook and pen.
The endless sea
Washes away the past
Forgiving all sins”
Melanie re-read what she’d written then closed the book and returned it to the pocket of her leather jacket. “Let’s hope so.” The boat was approaching the dock, it was time to go. Time to face the music. She pulled on her helmet and started the engine as the ramp touched the dock.*
Okay, I hope that intrigues you. The book is written; now we’re we’re working on a title and cover. Look for it to appear soon after Christmas.

ROW80 check-in.

This past week was a busy one, but I did manage to get some writing done. I got 2500 words written and hope to equal that this coming week. I also want to read more of your blogs this week. So, until then, may the muse sit on your lap and whisper naughty stories in your ear.


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