ROW80 check-in #8

Sunday evening. Weird day. I was away from the computer all day and nothing happened. No one mentioned me on twitter, no e-mail in my in box, no book sales (strange), nobody did anything on FB.  Whazzup? Time warp?  Ok, goal progress report.
One: Write something at least five times or more each week.
Yep, right on track here.
Two: Write a minimum of 2500 on my WIP words each week.
I got caught up, but only just. 2543 wds.
Three: Publish at least six new novels in 2012.
Still waiting for that cover, but met with editor and have another round of re-writes to do on the next one. gah
Four: Read and review six or more first novels by new authors. (I don’t give bad reviews, so don’t panic, I’m friendly, honest. J
Just finished Stone Relics by Katy Walters. Enjoyed it lots. Will review it this week.
Five: do more to be supportive of new and struggling writers.
Between Wednesday and now I haven’t managed much here. Must try harder.
Six: Publish a small collection of erotic short stories. Hey, I’ve been around for over sixty years, and this one is on my bucket list. I will make it happen in 2012.
I have several in first draft now. Working…
Ok, that’s about it for today folks. How was your week? Did you hit your targets? Let me know how it went for you.
I’ve posted a chapter of my current WIP here:
I’d love some feedback if you have the time to read it.

18 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #8

  1. Prudence, sounds like you got a lot done this week! Getting caught up on your wordcount is great! And I know what you mean when you've been away from the 'net. Being disconnected is, well… very disconnected! But a nice break too, sometimes. Have a great week!

  2. *taps you gently out of the time warp* I've had days like that and then there are the ones where my inbox and twitter stream fill to monumental levels. Nothing wrong with a quiet day.

    Great job on your goals and lets hope you get the new cover soon. Have a fantastic week 🙂

  3. It sounds like you had a fantastic week. And I love your bucket list goal 🙂 I'll have to come back later to read the excerpt you've posted. Best of luck with upcoming week.

  4. I am thinking that writing a book may be as sleep robbing as reading one of Pru's books! Have had this idea for a series stewing in my head for nearly a year and had to taste the dish Thursday night. I started to type at 9pm and 3900 words later I looked at the clock and figured 3am was way past my bedtime. I have no idea if the story is good or not but the writing is addictive.

    How on Earth you come up with new books as often as you do though, is beyond me. Way to go! You are an inspiration. I honestly would not have started writing if it weren't for the encouragement I get from your blogs and your characters.

  5. Hey Pru, you had a productive week! Hasn't it been a little quiet lately? My emails and visits have been more lax than usual. I guess we should embrace the calm and peace.

    Nice to know that you help new writers. I'll have to keep that in mind.:)

  6. Crystianna, what you describe is how it often works for me. When the muse leans on your shoulder, time is meaningless, only the evolving story has value. Let me know when you have it finished, I love to read it.

  7. Sorry – I was in bed at 730 last night, so I didn't have time to read your post. I was EXHAUSTED. I have no idea why I was that tired, but I'm very glad I went to bed nice and early. Sounds like you're doing great with your goals! Rewrites…fun. (NOT!) I hope to make your list of first novels to review…soon!

  8. Actually, I'm not minding the re-writes this time, they are really improving the story. 7:30? Girl, you were out of gas. Good for you to recognize that and deal with it properly. I'm saving you a spot on that list. 🙂

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