Hi folks, I’m back. This time of year can easily become a whirlwind of busy. That is putting it mildly. However, it has been one of the best Christmases/ Yuletides ever. First we managed to get Charis into the country and into our arms in time for Christmas. Awesome for us all.

The opening of gifts was an embarrassment of riches. Oh the joys of living with a jewelry maker. I was given a new jewelry box filled with the most wonderful treasures. 

Oh yes, of course we have been eating our faces off for days and visiting with friends and family.
Alas there are only a few days of excess left then it is back to work like you mean it. Hee hee hee.  I am planning a winter of heavy workload and high expectations from my writing. I am also hoping to make positive changes with this blog. I do hope to continue to introduce you to new authors, and there are rumors of making a Vlog as well.
I will elaborate on the goals more in the first ROW80 post of the next round.
So, tell me what you would like to see more of, see new, or anything else you would like to see me tackle in the New Year.

4 thoughts on “Returned

  1. Hi Prudence!

    I know all about returning. Boy, oh, boy do I know. But I'm so glad to hear that you finally got Charis across that stupid border and that y'all are having a great time. Glad your back and I'm glad to be back. Happy 2013 cause I am so done with 2012. LOL! πŸ™‚

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