Rainy Day Blog Musings

 It a cold rainy day today; a good day to reflect on a few things. Things like how to regain some enthusiasm about writing blog posts. Hee hee

I’ve been a bit slack on this lately, and I’ve been a bit spamy while promoting my books, but the blog should be about more than just that. It is supposed to be a way for us all to interact. In light of this thought, I will ask your assistance.

In return you can ask me anything about anything; that’s how you can help me. You can ask me about my books, my life, my causes, the things that provoke me or inspire me, the characters I write about and where they came from, why I have four dogs, why all rescues, why do I love World of Warcraft so much, etc. You can use my e-mail or ask me in a comment. Always love to hear from you.
Ok, now on to something fun. Last fall I got T-Boned by a texter with this result.

I have finally replaced my poor old car. Here’s a pic of me in the new toy.

Now for the ROW80 check in.

Goal: Write 10,000 words per week.  Sigh. I barely made half that, but I have higher hopes for this week.
Goal: Read and comment on one or more blogs per day. I managed this one okay.
Goal: Give the folks on my e-mail list a peek into upcoming works. Nope, missed on that one. Will try again this week.
Okay, that’s it for me today. Remember, from now on it’s an Ask me anything. blog. So go ahead and satisfy your curiosity. I’d also love to hear how you’re getting on, so don’t be strangers; talk to me. J

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Blog Musings

  1. You did make progress on the word count, even though it wasn't what you wanted. Best wishes getting more down on the page the rest of this week!

    Also, I like the new vehicle. Have you named it yet?

  2. do you name your cars? we used when we were younger but I got out ogf the habit and usually just swear at it (in a ladylike manner of course:)

    You wrote words – they were not there before they are now = result

    all the best:)

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