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Well, we’re making progress here on the recovery front.  It’s slow, but it is progress.  My Lady K is now having more good days than bad, and that is a welcome change.  Now, if I could only beat this damn insomnia crap.  I manage about four hours then I’m wide awake.  I had a few weeks of this last year and it’s still no fun.  I know, I know, welcome to the over sixty crowd.  I hear ya, fellow baby boomers.  I hear ya.

On the bright side, With K doing more for herself and by me not sleeping much, I am managing to get a bit more writing done.  Always a silver lining, right?  tee hee

Now, about ECHO, the sequel to SUVI.  The first round of cover consultations and the rough layout are done.  The completed cover should be ready any day now.  I know, I know, I promised you another peek at the story of ECHO.  First, here’s SUVI and where to find her. 🙂


Right, excerpt from ECHO.

The small ship, Explorer, settled to the frozen ground and spilled out her crew.  They began to search through the ruins, eventually arriving at the resting place of Morthel and Antha.

“Carefully now, Mr. Sacumbtu, carefully.  We want to keep anything we find fully intact.”

“Understood, Commander Drake.  I’ve about got the doorway cleared now.  I’ll use a vac blower to suck out the dust and blow it away, so we can see what’s inside.”

Great clouds of dust rose into the cold, thin air and drifted away as he worked.  The same for three others who worked at different shelter domes nearby.  Eventually he turned off the machine and called out to his leader.  “Commander Drake, I think we’re ready here.  Do you want to go in first?”

“You know I do,” she replied, excitement clear in her voice.

Light penetrated the small habitat for the first time in eons, casting eerie shadows as the tall explorer entered and cast the beam around the first room.  As she entered a smaller room, she found Morthel with Antha held in her arms, still embracing, frozen in that pose of eternal love and death.

“Holy smokes!  People, I’ve got mummies here.  Do we have any way to protect and transport them back to the Reacher?”

“Lilly here, Commander.  We can use one of my sample crates.  There’s nothing alive here for me to take home.”

“Thanks, Lilly.  Bring a crate and a couple of guys to carry it.  We’ll have to be ultra-careful, I have no idea how brittle these guys might be.  We’ll have to keep them cold, too.”

Another woman soon arrived with two men carrying a large crate.  The two mummified bodies were gently loaded inside, she set the environmental controls, and then the men took the crate and stored it aboard Explorer One.  While this was being done, the commander checked in with the rest of the crew.

Okay, folks, that’s it for now.  With any luck at all the next post will have a cover for you and maybe even a link to a sales outlet.  Let’s hope.

Until next time


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